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  1. The Natural Benefits of Nettle and Dandelion for Dogs

    by herbal-promise
    A great natural waM to use herbs for the health of your dog is to mix equal parts of the herbs nettle and dandelion and sprinkle just a bit on the dog food Nettle Nettle is a highly nutritive herb rich in vitamins & minerals with a broad range of actions and...
  1. Pumpkin-Spiced Eggnog Recipe

    by Randi Swisley
    This recipe contains raw egg whites. Anyone who is pregnant or may have a weak immune system should not eat raw eggs. This is very rich and I like it best just a spoonful at a time. Add it to a drink like coffee or scoop it over pudding or...
  1. What is Glycemic Index?

    by Dr L
      The holiday season is upon us again and as humans we struggle between the joy and comfort of eating our favorite holiday foods and maintaining that healthy diet we started this year, and to which our best intentions are- to maintaining. These 5 simple suggestions should set you up for success: Avoid...
  1. Truth in Pharmaceutical Advertising

    by orthomolecular
    Now there is an Oxymoron for You by Ralph K. Campbell, M.D. Advertising is a powerful and effective tool for promoting the sale of products, especially from the drug and food industries, due to their huge profits. Awareness of a need for government to keep advertisers in line goes back to the...
  1. The Value of Antioxidants – A Useful Tool

    by doctor-within
    Another patient recovered from a life threatening pneumonia over a year ago. It was one of those cases where the strongest antibiotics actually saved his life. Complete recovery, but it took a month. A recent flare-up made him feel as though the...
  1. Yoga as Addiction

    by sweetyoga
    For those of us who practice and love yoga, who can for get those early, exhilarating yoga classes. The contradiction of the thrill of something new, so full of impact, and yet so calming. Yoga provides something so...
  1. Simply Simplifying

    by ready-nutrition
    You realize that the lifestyle to which you’ve become so accustomed is a necessary evil, a constant struggle between the life you want to achieve and the life you have to give up right now to achieve it. But you don’t have to live your life dreaming of what it could be - you can stop spinning and start simplifying right now!
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