Yoga as Addiction

For those of us who practice and love yoga, who can for get those early, exhilarating yoga classes. The contradiction of the thrill of something new, so full of impact, and yet so calming. Yoga provides something so unexpected in our modern, high stress reality we wither love it or love it.

The first blush can be followed by the first rush, when yoga is hard to get out of our minds and bodies. When I first began practicing, I found myself thinking more and more about yoga, its intricacies, its meaning, and, of course, the poses. The drive to do more, do better.

Then there is the community. Yoga is community, which can draw one in even more.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with all this. In fact, it is a wonderful thing. To feel better, feel a path, feel one has much to learn, and to want to commit.

It seemed to me that there was a point when I, and others I have talked to, felt addicted to yoga, and that addiction felt like a good thing. It felt like it fit like a perfect pose.

This is, I think part of the path of yoge. Perhaps it is part of the path of many “activities” that engage the body and mind. Yet, with yoga, I think the “addiction” goes deep if we continue on with the practice. Because yoga brings body and mind together, with calm and intense concentration, unlike nothing else, yoga gets under our skins, into our minds, and into our hearts.

I also think, that at some point, yoga becomes less on an addiction and more of a knowing. We come to know yoga in a way that is unified through ourselves. Our bodies do go to a “different place”, and our minds and hearts follow. What we begin to see are possibilities, more and more possibilities.

In short, the learning, on all levels never stops.

It is then the possibilities that become the addiction. And there is no addiction like discovery.

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