Everyday Enlightenment Workshop with Julian Walker

Join me, Julian Walker, for my Everyday Enlightenment Workshop, on January 26th from 2 – 5 pm at Santa Monica Yoga. This unique afternoon will introduce you to “5 simple keys to clarity, compassion and mind-body healing” via learning and … Continue reading

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Creating Balance between Mind, Body and Spirit

Yoga is an ancient science that aims to create a balance between the body, mind and spirit, thereby curing physical mental and spiritual disorders that are caused by this imbalance. In common language, yoga means union; it’s a union of … Continue reading

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Micro-Mindfulness: 5 Quick Tips to Make Any Meal More Satisfying

This happens: scarfing something down whilst working/watching TV only to realize you tasted nothing, and while your belly is full, your mind/mouth/heart/everything else is still hungry. Sound familiar? Yet, the alternative: ”mindful eating“ is quite frankly unrealistic to implement. At least it … Continue reading

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3 Most Common Road Blocks for a Thriving Yoga Career

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Share Yoga’s friends Justin Michael Williams and Karen Mozes. From time to time, we share opportunities that we feel coincide with our readers’ interests. See Justin’s bio below. In our work with yoga teachers from many parts … Continue reading

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Resolution: In 2014, live life like a yoga asana

Greetings, yogis! I hope this finds you well and that you have had a safe, happy & healthy holiday season. As you may know I took this past week off from teaching.  During my Holiday Stay-cation I have taken a number … Continue reading

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#31DaysOfYoga – Commit to a yoga practice every day in January!

#31DaysOfYoga:  Begins January 1 My name is Laura Erdman-Luntz and I have been a Yoga Teacher for almost 25 years.  Years ago I participated in an online community called WoYoPracMo (World Yoga Practice Month) and we committed to practicing yoga … Continue reading

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The Case For Yoga Teacher Training

I actually did want to teach yoga when I forked over practically 3 grand for a teacher training, but stay with me. Yes, I most definitely did want to teach yoga. Hard. I wanted out of my current job, out of my … Continue reading

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What Should Your Yoga Mat Represent? Practice as Self Inquiry vs. Self Improvement

Yoga is one of those things that you may not get at first, but if you give it enough time, it’s gonna change your life. That’s just a fact. The question then is: how much are you going to let … Continue reading

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4 Common Yoga Misconceptions

Quite often people have experience with one type of yoga but not another, and as such they will base their overall impression of yoga on what they have seen. The truth is that yoga can be very different depending on … Continue reading

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“Get out of your own way, and practice” – This Week’s #yogachat

Are You Self-Sabotaging? This week on #yogachat, we discussed ways that we self-sabotage  and basically get in our own way. The question was raised, “Why do we not do things that we KNOW will make us feel better?” Get a … Continue reading

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