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This pansy is one of  Joyce’s favorite flowers!

Didn’t we just do this?  Wasn’t it just last week?  Is it going to go back to being dark again in the morning?  Oh sigh!  Oh well!  I would love to see someone begin a petition or get something on the California ballot so we can end this madness.  Things I read seem to indicate it is bad for our mental, emotional and physical health.  Not to mention my mental health.  Help???

Getting close to Easter!

More wonderful rain (very heavy) last night and this morning.  I did laundry though used the dryer to accomplish the drying deed.  The weather predictions have been so off, I decided to just do my own thing.  It turned out to be wise. It sprinkled off and on for hours and the humidity was so high I doubt anything would have dried outside.  Next week sounds as though it will be perfect for hanging out sheets.  We’ll see.

The flowers are in bloom everywhere here.  Some are just beginning and others think it is summer.  I am waiting for the one amazing pink plant to bloom.  It is a succulent that many people plant here on the hillsides and when it blooms there is the most amazing and beautiful explosion of vibrant neon pink everywhere.  It is absolutely breath taking.  I am on a search to identify its name.  I thought I knew it and discovered I have been calling this plant something different all along.  Anyway, for now I am enjoying all of the other flowers that are making themselves known for all who care to notice.

Millie’s grandchildren call these explosion flowers!

I keep forgetting to mention the pigeons.  They may be finished for now, however for the past several weeks they have been doing circle dances and showing off to each and fighting with each other.  Apparently everyone and everything is in the process of spring mating. I have seen the Monarch butterflies out and about.  Yet today I am certain they are tucked safely away in the Eucalyptus trees awaiting warmer temperatures.  Perhaps this weekend and early next week they will again show themselves.  The Eucalyptus groves just south of here are a safe home and sanctuary for them as they migrate.  They completely cover the trees as they cling together to keep warm.  Quite a spectacle.

I have been doing nutritional research, which my daughter-in-law is studying for her masters, and she directed me to a web site all about nutritional typing.  It is very interesting and seems to make sense.  There are so many things to figure out and it would be so wonderful if nutrition was something that was taught in our schools.  After all, all of us have a body and it would be completely logical if we were taught how to take care of ourselves nutritionally so we all felt great, had tremendous energy and were free of so many of the maladies affecting so many people today.  It seems being healthy is how we are meant to be.  So much to learn in this area.  I feel that the more I learn, the more there is to learn about being healthy in today’s world.

“Your attitude toward your body
with how you feed and exercise it
must match up with Spirit.
You come from Love,
so you must extend that love
and appreciation to your body
at all times in order to be
genuinely inspired.”
- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
- taken from his book
- Your Ultimate Calling

Enjoy all of the flowers you see!

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