Simply Simplifying

You realize that the lifestyle to which you’ve become so accustomed is a necessary evil, a constant struggle between the life you want to achieve and the life you have to give up right now to achieve it. But you don’t have to live your life dreaming of what it could be – you can stop spinning and start simplifying right now! Continue reading

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How Medicinal Mushrooms Can Benefit Your Immune System

Eastern medicine values preventative medicine over reactive medicine. For centuries, cultures have long considered certain mushrooms to be responsibile for their prosperity and health. Their use of these mushrooms contributed to longer lifetimes, less health issues, more youthful appearances, and increased energy levels. Read more to understand the healing properties that mushrooms can provide, as well as learn some of the most popular medicinal mushrooms available.

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Happiness Isn’t Something to Consume, It’s Something to Cultivate

As the human population evolved and transitioned, so did the definition of the word ‘happiness’. As this feeling took on different meanings, it changed the way we perceive things in our environment. So where are we now in terms of our definition of happiness? As a society, have we progressed or regressed? Continue reading

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