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    Need help protecting my right not to vaccinate my children


    I have recently decided to stop vaccinations on my children after doing research I am grateful to the Lord that none of the reactions have pertained to death , my last child is now a year old I have not vaccinated him at all, I was wondering I could not find a homeopathic doctor in my area that would work with me payment wise if my regular physicians could force me to vaccinate him.

    I have looked up my rights and know them but I know how crooked people can be when they don’t get what they want especially when money is involved. Maybe you could recommend me to someone in my area that would help , I would sure be grateful. God Bless!

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    1 Answer


    Hi P — thanks for your message.

    Are you asking if your normal physician can force you to vaccinate your child? No they cannot force you. However, if you are truly worried about this, I would be sure not to leave your child alone in the doctor’s office. Also make sure to write on your child’s school forms that you do not want vaccination. You might write something like “My child is very sensitive to vaccines. Do not vaccinate.”

    I have heard of cases where a pediatrician refused to provide services to a family that refuses vaccination. This is their right. If so, I recommend you find another pediatrician. One resource might be the Holistic Pediatrics Association — http://www.hpakids.org. The pediatricians who affiliate with this organization will naturally be more open-minded.

    Where are you located? It might be interesting for you to find a pediatrician who is also a homeopath. There are not many such people, but two resources are the American Institute of Homeopathy (MD’s and DO’s who are homeopaths) and the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians (ND’s who specialize in homeopathy):



    By the way, all of this information is also on my book web site:


    under “Information about Autism and Referrals”

    As far as finding a homeopath who will work with you payment-wise, if you are located near any of the homeopathic schools, many of them will take patients at very reduced cost when they come to their training clinic. A list of homeopathic schools can be found here:


    Finally, to find out more about your rights about vaccination, please contact the National Vaccine Information Center at http://www.909shot.com.

    I hope this was helpful! -Amy