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    How can I learn about the side effects and benefits of pure green coffee supplements?

    Category: asked 12/28/2012

    2 Answers


    Here is a video from Maria J. Clifford, dietitian. She addresses this very issue, and worth checking out.


    Benefits of Green Tea:


    The research showed significantly decreased blood pressure in both humans and rats and that amount of blood pressure response was directly proportional to the dose of green coffee. The higher the dose of green coffee, the greater the effect on blood pressure. The study also revealed the positive changes were obtained without the risk of side effects that can be observed with prescription medication.

    Weight Loss

    Green coffee consumption has been proved to be effective for weight loss. The research revealed the combination of caffeine and chlorogenic acid in green coffee promoted reduced fat accumulation and inhibited fat absorption, thus making the consumption of green coffee an effective weight loss product.


    Research revealed that the  consumption of green tea decreased blood glucose levels and insulin levels in diabetic rats. The research concluded that the cholorogenic acid content of all coffee, not just green coffee, is responsible for the antagonistic effect on glucose transport in your body.

     Effects of green coffee-

    Anxiety disorders: The caffeine in green coffee might make anxiety worse.

    Bleeding disorders: There is some concern that the caffeine in green coffee might make bleeding disorders worse.

    Diabetes: Some research suggests that caffeine contained in green coffee might change the way people with diabetes process sugar. Caffeine has been reported to cause increases as well as decreases in blood sugar. Use caffeine with caution if you have diabetes and monitor your blood sugar carefully.