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    Pre-menopause anxiety, depression and nervousness – what can I do?


    I am going through pre-menopause, and I am suffering of anxiety, depression and nervousness, what did you recommend for these symptoms. I am so desperate and concern for my well being, that I have see a acupuncturist for 3 sessions already, I am taking vitamins B-Complex, multivitamins, sometimes calcium and a natural hormone supplements, from the New Chapter products, that seems that they are organic. and now the acupuncturist recommend me omega 3″ w/DHA which I start today to take one pill at day but suppose to take 2. I really want to know what is the best for me to help me with the anxiety.

    Can you please advice me more about this matter. I feel sometimes very weak, my appetite is not too good.

    Thank you very much.

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    2 Answers


    Dear M,

    Hormonal balance can be complicated and take time to accomplish, without your health history I cannot tell you if you are on the right supplements. Anxiety and depression are both serious conditions and you may need to see your primary care physician and use both western medicine and complementary medicine together until you symptoms improve. Other possible causes for the symptoms you are telling me about include; Metabolic syndrome and adrenal fatigue. If you are happy with the practitioner you have chosen follow through the protocol for at least 8 weeks or inquire on the other 2 possible causes that I have listed.

    In Health
    Dr. L


    During menopause, many women experience increased anxiety. Some also deal with anxiety in the years leading up to full-blown menopause, a time called perimenopause. Anxiety can arise as general nervousness or worry, specific fears, recurrent panic attacks, or intrusive thoughts and associated compulsions. But there are lots of menopausal supplements available in the market which actually work and solve all the menopausal symptoms including anxiety.