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    iodine and slightly underactive thyroid


    I am currently taking a natural Thyroid support fomula containing 50mcg iodine.  I also would like to take a product called Osteoheel by Heel for a bone spur condition.  It conatains kalium Iodatum 4x 30mg and has a warning  “Do not use in thyroid conditions without seeking medical advice.”

    How much Iodine is too much?  Is it safe to take ?

    Category: asked 12/08/2012

    1 Answer


    This is a great question. Your label warning is referencing the concerns of using Potassium Iodide if you are suffering from any form of auto-immune thyroid condition. If you have been tested for Hashimoto’s disease and know that you do not have this or any other form of auto-immune thyroid condition then you are probably well with in the safe range using your thyroid supplement along with the homeopathic remedy. Dosing ranges as given by the FDA are usually quite high and related to age and short term use (6-12 weeks). Homeopathic medicines are prepared by a method of dilution, and your 30mgs of 4X still contains some Potassium Iodide but it is not full strength. I would watch for any adverse reactions and discontinue immediately and or seek medical treatment should any occur.