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    I seem to have constant fatigue and I can’t sleep


    Almost everyday I wake up  groggy and I barely have energy all day.  When I go to sleep its hard to go to sleep.have any ideas?

    Category: Tags: asked 09/27/2012

    1 Answer


    The combination of fatigue and difficulty sleeping are the signs of adrenal fatigue. You will need to find a natural practitioner who can run the appropriate labs and provide nutritional support to rebuild your adrenals.

    Until you find a good practitioner,you can begin the process of rebuilding adrenals by avoiding caffeine drinks and sugar which both drive the adrenals to exhaustion.

    Replace these toxic foods with:

    1.Proteins and healthy fats (raw nuts, cheese, avocados)

    2.Eating a healthy protein anchored meal every 2 hours so that your adrenals are not asked to provide the energy your body needs for day to day task.