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    I have a question about my white blood cell count


    Is there something I can do naturally help get my white cell count up, and keep it up. Thanks to any who have information on this.

    Category: Tags: asked 10/25/2012

    2 Answers


    A chronically low white blood cell count is an indicator of a chronic low grade infection. This could include an auto-immune disorder or other issues such as a viral, bacterial, yeast, or parasitic infection. Having some one take a look at your panel with the differential will help guide you to a possible cause. With that information you can decide what natural or supplemental approach to take to support your immune system.


    White blood cells are also known as immune cells or leukocyte. They have a functionality to form a component of the blood and help the body to fight against infectious disease and foreign materials. Their main types include lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils. Every cell type has a different role in protecting the body. A WBC count (white blood cell count) is a test performed in pathology for determining the number of white blood cells in our body. Normally doctors recommend a complete blood count and check your WBC count in case of fever, body aches, headaches etc. It helps in detecting hidden infections within a body and help doctors to diagnose condition quickly. When its count is below the normal, your body will not be able to fight diseases, thus for increasing the count naturally, you can follow natural ways like eating carrots and other dark green leafy vegetable, avoid unhealthy fats, lose excessive weight and keep sugar intake minimum.