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    Help with Mono Anemia


    My 22 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Mono and Anemia. she had a positive ANA testing her immune system. Her Dr has scheduled an apt. with a Hemotologist. Is this all related to the Mono? What would you suggest to build her immune system naturally.

    Category: Tags: asked 03/07/2013
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    1 Answer


    Mild iron deficiency anemia is common in women do to the monthly loss of blood. The diet needs to be rich in natural sources of Iron; foods naturally rich in Iron would include: molasses, brewers yeast, organic meat including organ meats, dark green leafy vegetables to name a few. Healthy iron rich blood cells carrying oxygen are the building block of a healthy immune system. A clean, well balanced diet that eliminates sodas, processed foods and foods made with processed sugar also help to build healthy immune systems. There are many herbal and supplemental supports to a healthy immune system but I recommend making those choices with a professional who can help tailor a program to your specific health concerns, diet and lifestyle.