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    What is the difference between blood testing and scratch testing for food allergies.


    What is the difference between a skin prick test and a blood test for food allergies? Also, what is the difference between testing for IGG and IGA when it comes to food allergies?


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    1 Answer


    Food Allergy Testing for Asthma/Allergy Relief:Allergies and the testing is a very complicated subject, I hope to demystify in basic terms the allergy testing available to us today.

    The definition of an Allergy is simply put: The physical reaction of the body which has been triggered by an environmental exposure to a food, airborne pollen or chemical that the body sees as an invader. The resulting physical recording of this response is through a protein that can be identified in the blood, saliva, and gut. These “Immunoglobulin” responses are your bodies attempt to keep you safe in the future by responding adversely when you come into contact with the offending trigger again.

    We can see these chemical responses in saliva, gut mucosa, and in the blood. The are categorized by where they are found and what they are responding to. They basic responses include IgA, IgG, IgE, IgM and AgA.

    Please read the balance of this answer in my blog.