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    Will mastitis harm my nursing baby?


    what can happen to a baby who is nursed on a breast that has been diagnosed with mastitis? concerned about the mastitis infection and the antibiotic that was given to the mother??????? regular MD told mother to nurse the baby on the infected breast because it must be relieved regularly?????

    Category: Tags: asked 02/18/2013

    1 Answer


    This interesting question. I do not know of any clinical repercussions from breast feeding an infant while being treated for mastitis. I certainly understand your concerns for exposing the infant to both the infectious process and the antibiotic, but I also know that the most effective way to clear the breast is to have the infant nurse. You might also consider using herbs and homeopathy to address the infection. Having breast fed an infant during a mastitis episode, and being allergic to antibiotics I can state the greatest relief came through a well prescribed homeopathic and nursing the baby as often as he would take the breast. He suffered no undo side effects and the infection resolved itself very quickly.