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    Are E-cigarettes dangerous?


    When I’m around people who smoke emotive cigarettes, my chest hurts and I begin to cough. Are these cigarettes dangerous to my health?

    Category: Tags: asked 10/25/2012

    3 Answers


    Emotive cigarettes? Is that same as “electronic cigarette”?

    Either way I would suggest you stay away from anything that makes your chest hurt and causes you to cough.

    That said, a friend of mine was able to kick a smoking habit by using e-cig, so its not entirely bad imho.

    Here is a much discussed article on the topic: http://www.naturalmedicine.com/news/surprise-e-cigarettes-dangerous/


    The FDA is a business…so I think they will say anything that doesn’t make them a dollar is dangerous without clear proof. I have used an e-cigarette to quit smoking analog cigarettes and I feel so much better! The only thing dangerous with the e-cig would be the nicotine that is used in the juice. Once you come down to Zero nicotine, there is no danger. The e-cig helps with the hand to mouth withdrawal that we suffer when we try to quit. This is my opinion and I have lived it!


    I was a longtime smoker who quit the old fashioned way, cold turkey.  There wasn’t all the aids available today when I quit.   I can certainly sympathize with folks trying anything to help quit, not easy.   As for secondhand smoke, from e-cigs, I would listen to your body.   Coughing is a sure sign your bod y is telling you whatever you are breathing is a no-no.

    Seems like there are dozens of e-cig manufactures these days, and I am not sure how well regulated the industry is, probably not well, perhaps very little.  My instinct is not to trust manufactures of a new trend product that  appears to supplant one addiction with another.  Even if the new addiction is less harmful than the old.  Whatever is in e-cigs is certainly not in the regular air our bodies are meant to breath.  So I advise – Step Away from the e-cigs secondhand smoke.

    I notice the previous answer gave a link to an article on this site.  Here is another article on this site you can checkout http://www.naturalmedicine.com/news/fda-news/fda-issues-warning-to-5-e-cigarette-distributors/.  I am sure there are more out there you can find.