Why I choose Home birth over a Hospital Birth….

Choosing home birth is something already deeply rooted in my psyche from my own birth… I was the second out of four safe home birth.. Born at home in Davenport Iowa.. My Mother was a huge advocate for home birth and helped lead the way for the next generation of mothers through example, support, and trust in her bodies ability to birth natural without harmful untested drugs and unnecessary medical intervention.. It only seemed natural to meet this rights of passage with a similar like minded way..

Home birth is Safe… Where in world did we get the idea that this was not a safe alternative?? Truly I feel birth got hijack by western medicine thinking it was more powerful and intelligent then women’s bodies.. Yes, there is a time and a place for everything but when did home birth become alternative??” Humans have been giving birth at home for 999,998 generations, and it’s only in the last 2 generations that hospital birth has become common. This means that women have given birth at home for 99.998% of human history. Yet in the U.S. today, fewer than 1 percent of births happen in the home. This abrupt and almost complete transition from natural childbirth toward industrialized childbirth has had profound repercussions on mothers, babies and the culture at large.

Anything that disturbs a laboring woman’s sense of safety and privacy will disrupt the birth process..’ My home is my sanctuary.. Giving birth in this most comforting,nurturing, safe environment allowed me to open myself to the most intense experience of my life…So it was, Home Sweet Home, which became our own personal birthing center. This is the place where all my sweet intimate prenatal check ups took place and ultimately where my Son was safely born…

I could only imagine having to give birth in a hospital. The cold supposedly sterile environment. Home of the super bug. Uncertain even if your Doctor will be available.. Giving birth on some one’s 8-12hr time clock, and various different unknown staff checking in on you.. With the prospect of Cesarean if your birth isn’t progressing quick enough…

Giving birth is a intimate personal matter.. My midwife would say, ” the energy it took to make the baby is the same energy it takes to get the baby out.. Could you have a orgasm in front of a group of unknown people??” My answer was no.. Opening and surrendering to the core of my being to bring are healthy Son into the world was part of my process.. Without a doubt home was the natural, comfortable place. My smells, my things, and choice of people energy surrounding Us.. Allowing the umbilical cord its time to release all the nutrient filled oxygen and blood to my babies body. Having my babies body agents my chest immediately after birth nursing within minutes. With a Certified on call midwife who’s only focus was Me and helping guide a healthy baby into the world… “This innate system of birth has been refined over 100,000 generations. It involves a complex, finely tuned orchestration of hormones that prepare both the mother and baby for a successful birth and catalyze profound neurological changes that promote the bond between a mother and her new baby.”
Choosing to give birth at home allowed a total empowering birth giving me the ability to trust in my body, it’s ability, and leaving me knowing I can accomplish anything as a women.. While giving my baby a peaceful, gentle, compassionate entrance without the barbaric western practices interfering with nature perfection…

Many Thanks to my own Mother, My Midwife Kathe Gibbs, My Husband, and Dear Sunshine Hart

Reference http://chriskresser.com/natural-childbirth-i-is-home-birth-more-dangerous-than-hospital-birth

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