Harts Home Birth Story Part 1

Your earthly entrance began the night of August 31st, 2010. Tim and I both where in anticipation and new any day now you could arrive, your guestimated birth date was August 27 2010, which had passed by 5 days.

The possibility of sleeping or not sleeping another night where a question in both are mind and a questionable one enough for me that I choose to go to bed earlier, 10pm to get some sleep. On the way into bed and rolling in, as my belly is quite full of baby now, the whole house shifted and creaked as small earthquake noticeably rumbled through. To me this was a sign that you where on your way, “closer then ever,” as we would say.

Exactly at 12pm I got out of bed to go to the bathroom, as I got out of bed, “POP,” my water broke. Excitement, surprise, and everything flashed in my head. Any time was NOW. Panda and Ra (our wonderful doggies) sensed the excitement and joined me in the bathroom to celebrate the good news. The baby is on the way and my body was warming up to give birth.

I went to find Tim and tell him the good news. I found him on the deck under the star filled skies reflecting, writing his final thoughts on his rule as a soon to be Papa. “Surprise,” I gleamed, “my Water Broke.’ His eyes lit up with excitement, fear, and disbelief, all the anticipation and we were here NOW. Tim came downstairs to view the evidence of my water breaking, went out on the deck to do what men seems to do, pee, and a huge shooting star streaked through the sky.

This was the beginning of a 12-hour journey into the depths of complete release and surrender to a power running through my body stronger then myself.

The beginning was more relaxed contractions every 20 to 25 minutes. My uterus was warming up this amazing muscle which was contracting as powerful as a boa constrictor in my lower abdomen preparing to birth a baby.

By 1am we called kathe, our Midwife, to let her know in detail what was going on in my body and where I was feeling the surges. This confirmed that I was nearing meeting our baby. This was the beginning of labor. We would call her again as things intensified. I was able to rest between contractions and knew I needed to reserve my energy for the marathon.

Around 4 am we called Kathe again as the contractions had grown stronger and where being felt all around the lower abdomen and creeping up towards my ribs. Every 10 to 15 minutes I would get to the floor, on my knees, and put my head down on my soft couch and let the intense energy run through me. I continually reminded myself my body knew what it was doing.

We had gotten this far at least.

Meanwhile, I had also tested the birthing tub and realized it was slippery, a good thing because there was a slick layer of oil on the bottom. This would require a complete empting, cleaning, and refilling of the water, which Timothy diligently tended to. It was funny, I pictured this peaceful quiet time and in reality he was pumping, vacuuming, scrubbing, and refilling the tub. He was amazingly committed to taking care of me.

I did use the tub and it was wonderful in easing the labor pains and helped me to completely relax between contractions and allowed my body to prepare for the next wave.

I toned high and low, long rhythmic breaths, I prayed to all my ancestors and women who had given birth, I cried, and I continued to release. By 8:30am Kathe arrived and tears where streaming down my face. This was hard, intense and painful, but only I could give birth to this baby. When Kathe my face and reminded me that these where tears of joy and that I was so beautiful and open, so powerful. She let me know that this baby would be born before noon.

This filled me with the strength I needed for the next stage of release and opening. Which is a story in itself.

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