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    Walk For Arthritus

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    Arthritis is the nation’s number-one cause of disability and can be a painful and debilitagting condition. During the month of May each year, the Arthritis Foundation aims to educate and raise the public’s awareness. Help honor the 66 million Americans living with arthritis by participating in your local Arthritis Walk this May. It is the perfect way to celebrate National Arthritis Month.

    Arthritis refers to a number of conditions related to bone and joint degeneration. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an often crippling chronic inflammatory condition occuring when the bodies own immune system attacks joints. Fossil evidence shows that it is an ancient condition. Skeltons for burial sites thousands of years old displayed arthritis like abnormalities. Osteoarthitis is another form of arthritis and is considered to be related to general aging and wear-and-tear on the body.

    Natural Medicine and the Failure of Drug Therapies

    With the failure and REAL DANGERS of drug theropies now well publisized, it is more important than ever to know what alternative medicine can do to help those with arthritis. Inspite of the ever-present greed of phamaceutical companies pushing dangerous and non-healing drugs, the entire medical profession needs to focus on understanding and using natural and holisitc ways to treat the causes and symptoms of this debilitating disease. It is important that drug based therapy practitioners take the time and effort to learn what natural medicine can do for their patients.

    What You Can Do Naturally to Relieve Symptoms and Help Prevent Arthritis

    Unfortunatly the causes of arthritis are still not known and arthritis may be the result of a number of problems. While there is no one known effective treatment for arthitis, lifestyle changes and natural medicine approaches like Homeopathy and Acupuncture have helped thousands of people with arthritis.

    Well before the truth about the dangers of the widely used drug therapies were finally made puplic, it was estimated that nearly 25 percent of people with osteoarthritis regularly used alternative and complementary therapies. The number of people using alternative and complemenatry medicine has certainly grown. It is important to educate drug based therapists about these proven natural medicine based therapies.

      1) Exercise has generally been shown to be one the most effective natural treatments.

      2) Detox: Do a Detox program and lifestyle detox. Eliminated toxins in your food, water and home. These will build up in the body and joints over time if the body cannot remove them.

      3) Diet: Eat whole natural foods according to your Metoboic Type: Eat organic if possible, do not eat meats or dairy with homones and antibiotics, stay away from junk and over-processed foods, stay away from foods loaded with chemicals and perservatives, reduce or remove sugar from our diet. Some pople have been helped with a diet high in raw foods

      4) Eat good fats and get your omega-3 fatty acids: DO NOT EAT or USE TRANS FATS (ANY Hydrogenated or Partially Hydrogenated oils).

      5) Test for food Allergies which may cause toxic reactions in your body.

      6) Manage your weight to reduce stress on joints and improve your general health.

      7) Drink enough pure filtered water to allow your body to flush toxins.

      8) Homeopathy, Supplements and Herbs: There are many Homeopathic remedies, supplements and herbal remedies that help people with arthritis. Read the articles listed below to learn about these.

      9) Manage Stress: Reducing stress has had a positive effect for many people for managing pain. There is more and more work being done in this area that points to its positive impact on our general health ane wellbing. Techniques like EFT, meditation, yoga, as well as exercise can all be helpful.

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      Learn More Visit: www.arthritis.org

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