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    School on 100 Acre Ranch with Raw Milk Dairy Offers Health and Hope to Children

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    Statistics clearly show that although the United States has the most expensive “healthcare” and food in the world, our children are among the sickest and most obese of any other nation in the developed world. Is there no hope?

    Yes, there is! But don’t look to the government for solutions. The relationship today between government and the corrupt pharmaceutical and biotech agricultural industries is so deep, that it will take years to find politicians who have not sold out to these powerful special interest groups. Most people who become politicians grew up in the system and cannot even adequately identify the problems, let alone solve them.

    It is time to take America back! But it won’t happen unless YOU recognize that you are part of the solution.

    A school on a 100 acre ranch that is also a certified raw milk dairy provides an opportunity for children to learn far more than just academics. Learn how this school is reversing obesity and disease in children without drugs, while at the same time raising up a future generation of leaders, and how YOU can be involved in making a difference in changing the way our culture views health and nutrition. It is time to document this model of success and produce a documentary film, and they need your help.

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