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PIercings piercing

Published on October 3rd, 2012 | by herbal-promise


Tongue Barbell Depression

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Piercings continue to be popular. It is not well known that they can cause real health problems, some surprising. ,I have had three patients with serious health issues that cleared after I had them remove piercings as a stating point.

Depression and More

A few months ago I had a gal come in the office that was on several anti-depressants was hospitalized for suicidal thoughts the first thing that occurred to me when I saw her was she had this huge bar bell in her tongue. I had her take the barbell out and she called about 5 days later to let me know that she felt 100% better. She decided not to even use the prescription medications.

Recently I have had 2 more gals with piercings, one with severe digestive issues and one with depression. Both had positive results when the piercings ere removed.

Piercing Issues

One type of piercing — in the tongue — can be particularly dangerous.

Because a piercing is essentially an open wound, it gives bacteria a pathway into your bloodstream. This can lead to an infection of the floor of the mouth called Ludwig’s angina, which is sometimes fatal. Ludwig’s angina is characterized by swelling of the mouth and throat. At first, this might be mistaken for the normal swelling associated with a piercing, but it progresses quickly and can eventually cause the airway to close.

Bacteria that travel through the bloodstream to the heart can cause an infection called endocarditis. People with heart defects are particularly susceptible to this.

Tongue piercing has also raised the ire of the American Dental Association (ADA). The ADA has roundly criticized oral piercings, including those on lips, cheeks, and particularly the tongue.

“Bottom line is, don’t do it,” says Dr. Richard H. Price, a practicing dentist in Newton, Massachusetts, and a spokesperson for the ADA. Price says one young woman created a space between her front teeth by driving her barbell between them; he had to fix another college student’s cracked molar after the student bit on his tongue barbell while snacking on a bagel. The ADA also links piercings to speech impediments; tongue swelling that can impede breathing, gingival injury or recession; and accidental swallowing of jewelry.

A study of 52 young adults with tongue piercings found that negative effects can crop up in as little as two years. About half of the people studied experienced receding gums after two years, and almost half had chipped back teeth after four years of wearing a 5/8 inch tongue barbell.

A recent study conducted by CAM “Center for Alternative Medicine” noted that out of 6,000 participants in the study 82% of those with tongue piercing manifested an appendicitis within 8 years. The over stimulation to the vagus nerve that runs through the center of the tongue causes feces in the colon to thicken, furthermore out of the 6,000 participants 99% were found to have gallstones. Stimulation of the vagus nerve in the stomach is known to cause depression.

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