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  • 9 Easy At Home Detox Tips

    Detoxing does not always need to be a complicated program. It is something you can do everyday with some simple and easy everyday choices.

    1. Brush skin daily. Removes debris and stimulates lymph flow

    2. Take a Detox bath using seaweed based salts

    3. Sweat toxins out with a sauna

    4. Exercise. Walk, yoga, mini tramp

    5. Liquid Fast 1 day per week with lemon water

    6. A Quick Colon Cleanse. Psyllium, apple pectin, oat bran

    7. Drink plenty of water. One half your body weight in ounces

    8. Use supplements. Use digestive enzymes and probiotics for a healthy colon and digestion.

    9. Make Smart Food Choices. Stay away from the junk and over processed foods, and eat organic whenever possible.

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