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    Ways of Life That Work

    1. Gangs in Placer County

      by Randi Swisley
      Of the seven recognized gangs in California, Norteños and Sureños are the two present in Placer County. Norteños and Soreños are warring gangs. Each has an ever present and almost obsessive goal of killing people in the other gang. Anyone at Juvenile Hall can tell you that. They are not shy...
    1. Cracker Recipe for the Dehydrator

      by Randi Swisley
      It's hard to find crackers made without sugar or gluten.  So why not make your own! Ingredients 2 1/4 cups ground flax seeds 1/3 cup whole flax seeds 1 tsp. salt 2 2/3 cups water 1 1/3 cups sunflower seeds 1/2 cup sesame seeds Optional ingredients: 1 tsp basil or oregano slice of onion and clove of garlic cinnamon, ginger or...
    1. Nutritional Reference

      by Randi Swisley
      Food Rules, by Michale Pollan I gave this book to my daughter when she moved away to college and had to feed herself.  It is a simple and sensible way to eat for someone who doesn't want to do a lot of studying on the...
    1. Mental Health & the Judicial System

      by Randi Swisley
      On January 10, 2001 in Nevada City, a mentally ill man arrived at the Nevada County Behavioral Health Department and told Laura Wilcox, who was working as a volunteer receptionist, that he wished to see his psychiatrist. When he was unable to see his psychiatrist, he shot several people in...
    1. How Money Can Buy Happiness

      by Randi Swisley
      It’s easy to find advice on how to make money. It is harder to find guidance on how to spend it. Traditional belief suggests that what makes you truly happy can't be bought - but being able to afford healthier food, better medical care, more varied pastimes, better education, and leisure...
    1. Tomato Sauce Recipe

      by Randi Swisley
      10 quarts (30 lbs, 40 cups, 320 ounces) pureed tomatoes 4 chopped onions 1 cup dried basil 1/2 cup honey or equivalent of stevia 4 tbls dried oregano 3 tbls salt 2 tbls ground dried lemon peel 2 tbls thyme 2 tbls garlic powder 2 tbls dried parsley 2 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp nutmeg Saute onions then add the rest of the...
    1. Vegatable Stock Recipe

      by Randi Swisley
      Your rule of thumb ratio for this recipe is: 2 - 1 - 1, onions - carrots - celery.  Adjust the rest to your own taste. Ingredients Olive, avocado or coconut oil. 2-3 medium onions, diced 2 carrots, diced 2 ribs of celery, diced 1 leek, diced 1/2 bulb fennel, diced 4 oz. shitake mushrooms 4 oz. button muhsroom 4...
    1. How to Buy Quality Food

      by Randi Swisley
      Depending on how much the amount of poor quality food you've eaten over the course of your life, your susceptibility to the effects of continued poor quality food will differ.  Also, negative effects for you with the same low quality food may be very different than the effects of another...
    1. Kale and Quinoa Recipe

      by Randi Swisley
      ✔ Antibiotic-free ✔ Sugar-free ✔ Gluten-free ✔ Dairy-free ✔ Whole food Ingredients 1/2 cup quinoa 1 cup chicken stock 3 - 4 large kale leaves, chopped in 1" pieces 1 lemon 1 thin slice of onion 3-4 walnuts, chopped 1-2 tbls avacado or olive oil Directions Put quinoa and chicken stock and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer...
    1. Climate Change in California

      by Randi Swisley
      California, the 7th largest economy in the world, has led other world powers through economic instability and innovation booms, and now faces an historic challenge governing in a time of climate change. Uncertainty in rain patterns, wildfire activity, sea level rise and daily temperatures, has already begun. Each of these natural...
    1. Turkey Gravy Recipe

      by Randi Swisley
      Try this gravy from scratch that's packed with nutrition! Boil giblets and neck from turkey for several hours. Cool slightly and remove as much meat as possible from the neck and set aside for turkey soup. Save the water used to boil the giblets to add to the turkey gravy. (It's ok to put...
    1. Gingerbread House "Plaster" Recipe and Shortcuts

      by Randi Swisley
      Baking gingerbread "slabs" to build your house from is a noble endeavor - and time consuming enough that it scares most people away from even getting started.  Regardless of the building material for your house, you need a good way to stick things together - your candy plaster. Candy Plaster Recipe 1...

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