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    Sweet Yoga

    1. Yoga as Addiction

      by sweetyoga
      For those of us who practice and love yoga, who can for get those early, exhilarating yoga classes. The contradiction of the thrill of something new, so full of impact, and yet so calming. Yoga provides something so...
    1. Health and Yoga

      by sweetyoga
      Yoga provides many health and emotional benefits but it is more. For many yoga, through the practice of meditation and the mind body connection, provides a guiding path for living. Yoga is much more than a way of exercising,...
    1. Yoga Loves Laughter

      by sweetyoga
      One of the wonderful things about Yoga is its breadth. Yoga is exercise, it is philosophy, it is a lifestyle. For many, Yoga is a spiritual path. Then the is Laughing Yoga. Yoga, that with all seriousness, pursuers the real health and spiritual benefits of simple laughter....
    1. Rising Sun

      by sweetyoga
      Yoga is like the rising sun. Each day we breath in the breath of a new promise and a new journey. Let it be a journey of the heart and of love. With meditation of the spirit in tune...

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