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    My Mom Blog

    1. Ode to New Mom's

      by Organic New Mom
      Beautiful, Full, Radiant, Ripening Mamma.. You are carrying a devine fruit who chooses the picking.. You are the sacred vessal of hope for the next generations:) What a sacred blessed time I am exstatic for you and Little One inside.. May his/her entrance be peaceful,...
    1. Harts Home Birth Story Part 2

      by Organic New Mom
      Kathe, our midwife, felt there was no need to check me but I felt this would give me that final reassurance that I was SO CLOSE… Yes, 10 centimeters dilated and feeling this intense urge to bear down and push. It felt...
    1. Harts Home Birth Story Part 1

      by Organic New Mom
      Your earthly entrance began the night of August 31st, 2010. Tim and I both where in anticipation and new any day now you could arrive, your guestimated birth date was August 27 2010, which had passed by 5 days. The possibility...
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