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    Blog Posts: Home Birth

    1. Low Vitamin D Associated with Low Birth Weights

      by Jacob
      Research from the University of Pittsburgh finds that women deficient in vitamin D early in their pregnancies are more likely to deliver babies with lower birth weights. Dr. Gernand and her co-authors discovered that mothers with levels of vitamin D in their...
    1. Home Birth: Birth is no Reason for the Hospital

      by nm
      New research from Cochrane Review concludes that all countries should consider establishing proper home birth services. They should also provide low-risk pregnant women with information enabling them to make an informed choice regarding home birth. The review was prepared by senior researcher, statistician Ole Olsen, the Research Unit for...
    1. Ode to New Mom's

      by Organic New Mom
      Beautiful, Full, Radiant, Ripening Mamma.. You are carrying a devine fruit who chooses the picking.. You are the sacred vessal of hope for the next generations:) What a sacred blessed time I am exstatic for you and Little One inside.. May his/her entrance be peaceful,...
    1. My Born Two Birth Story

      by born-to-birth
      Morning light May 16, 2010 – my husband Matthew, our dog Ama and pregnant I walked Kailua beach and I wondered if this would be our last outing in this configuration. When we got home, I printed out the last of our wedding photos and Matthew washed our car. As I...
    1. Harts Home Birth Story Part 2

      by Organic New Mom
      Kathe, our midwife, felt there was no need to check me but I felt this would give me that final reassurance that I was SO CLOSE… Yes, 10 centimeters dilated and feeling this intense urge to bear down and push. It felt...
    1. Harts Home Birth Story Part 1

      by Organic New Mom
      Your earthly entrance began the night of August 31st, 2010. Tim and I both where in anticipation and new any day now you could arrive, your guestimated birth date was August 27 2010, which had passed by 5 days. The possibility...
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