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    1. Jacob

      Water Water Water

      These facts about drinking enough water were shared on our Naturalmedicinefacebook page by Knowledge is Power. Enough Water is such an overlooked key to maintaining good health I had to pass it on. #1. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. (also applies to half the world population) #2. In 37%...
    2. nm

      Lithium a Fountain of Youth Close to Home

      Researchers from the University of Jena, in partnership with researchers from universities in Oita and Hiroshima have demonstrated, by two independent approaches, that even a low concentration of lithium leads to an increased life expectancy in humans as well as in a model organism, the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans. Lithium is...
    3. nm

      EPA Finally Acts on Rocket Fuel in Drinking Water

      In a decision that reverses the inaction of the George W. Bush administration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a decision to move forward with the development of a regulation for perchlorate to protect Americans from any potential health impacts. Perchlorate is both a naturally occurring and man-made chemical....
    4. nm

      The City of Calgary Canada Bans Fluoride – Who is Next

      According to the Calgary Herald, joining the growing movement against fluoridation, the a council committee voted to end Calgary’s use of fluoride. The public hearing on the water additive lasted 10 -hours and jut 5 aldermen stuck it out, voting 4-1 against fluoridation. According to the paper, Ald. Druh Farrell,...
    5. nm

      Breaking News — U.S. Finally Admits Too Much Fluoride in the Water

      In a nearly unprecedented about face, U.S. federal health officials say Americans are getting too much fluoride.  It’s causing spots on children’s teeth and could be resulting in other, more serious problems. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced plans to lower the recommended level of fluoride...
    6. nm

      NYC to curb water runoff with blue and green roofs

      New York City wants to catch and store rainwater temporarily in new roof systems to stop heavy storms sending sewage spilling into city waterways. The catchment systems would consist of “blue” roofs that have a series of drainage pools and “green” or grass- or ivy-covered roofs, under a plan unveiled...
    7. nm

      Disappearing Ground Water

      The world’s aquifers are being used faster than they can be replenished and, in some cases, at rates that have more than doubled since the 1960s. It is mostly agricultural irrigation that is driving the increase, because it accounts for 70 to 80 percent of global groundwater usage. View full...
    8. nm

      New Research Finds Water Helps With Weight Loss

      New research presented at the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society provides clinical evidence that drinking enough water can be an important key to losing weigh. According to the research, two 8-ounce glasses of water before meals, helped with weight loss. “We are presenting results of the first...
    9. nm

      How Ground Water Contamination Spreads

      Why are some wells contaminated and some are not? All wells are not equally vulnerable to contamination because of differences in three factors: the general aquifer chemistry, groundwater age, and paths within aquifer systems that allow water and contaminants to reach a well. More than 100 million people in the...
    10. nm

      Even Drugs Thrown in the Trash Can End Up in Your Drinking Water

      The federal government advises throwing most unused or expired medications into the trash instead of down the drain, but they can end up in the water anyway, a study from Maine suggests. Tiny amounts of discarded drugs have been found in water at three landfills in the state, confirming suspicions...
    11. nm

      Better Water Use Could Reduce Future Food Crises

      The challenge of meeting future water needs under the impacts of climate change and rapidly growing human demands for water may be less bleak than widely portrayed a team of Swedish and German scientists says If the overall water resources in river basins were acknowledged and managed better, future food...
    12. nm

      Marathoners Warned About Too Much Water

      Dr. Lewis G. Maharam, the medical director for the New York City Marathon and marathons in San Diego, Phoenix, Nashville and Virginia Beach, said he was taking every opportunity this year to educate runners about the biggest threat to their lives on race day – drinking too much water. He...
    13. nm

      Estrogen in Wastewater Feminizing Male Fish

      After an exhaustive seven-year research effort, Canadian biologists found that miniscule amounts of estrogen present in municipal wastewater discharges can decimate wild fish populations living downstream. Male fish exposed to estrogen become feminized, producing egg protein normally synthesized by females. In female fish, estrogen often retards normal sexual maturation, including...
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