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    1. nm

      Sturdy Finds Vaccinated Kids Need More Doc Visits Than Unvaccinated Kids

      The vaccination controversy will not subside anytime soon. One one side are huge pharmaceutical companies, and the medical industrial complex, on the other are parents trying to get straight answers on the safety an effectiveness of the ever increasing number of recommended vaccines. Central to the problem is the lack...
    2. Jacob

      FDA Going GMO for Vaccines

      In a move that was sure to come, the FDA has approved the first vaccine containing genetically-modified (GM) proteins. The proteins are from derived from insect cells. The vaccine is optimistically called Flublok, contains recombinant DNA technology and an insect virus, baculovirus, to help facilitate the faster production of vaccines....
    3. nm

      Vaccine Injured Kids Shut Out by U.S. Supreme Court

      In a decision that is not surprising, given the religion that is vaccines in the U.S, the Supreme Court refused to hear cases of parents trying to sue drug makers for vaccine damage to their children, such as autism and other serious health problems. Parents only option now is the...
    4. nm

      WHO Investigating Link Between H1N1 Flu Vaccine and Narcolepsy

      The serious problems associated with the H1N1 vaccine continue to surface. The vaccine declared “safe” over and over again by the high priests of medicine, government and Big Pharma is a continuing nightmare dangerous side effects. During the swine flu theatrics experts raised the an alarm about the widespread need...
    5. nm

      Vaccine Maddness, the Recommendations for Kids Just Keeps Growing

      The new vaccine recommendations from the American Pediatric Society adds more vaccines to the world’s largest vaccine list for kids. The new recommendations now include routine shots of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine for boys aged between 9 and 18. The recommendation for the vaccine is to reduce genital warts:...
    6. nm

      Another Reasons Vaccines Could be Useless for You

      A new discovery could explain why many vaccines do not work as well for some as they do for others. Scientists showed that Mycobacterium chelonae, a common form of bacteria found in soil and water, can decrease the effectiveness of a vaccine used to prevent tuberculosis. The researchers studied mice,...
    7. nm

      Number of Deaths Linked to HPV Vaccine Grows

      The public interest group Judicial Watch, published results of its review of new documents on the adverse reactions to the vaccination for human papillomavirus (HPV), Gardasil. The documents are from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) The documents showed...
    8. nm

      More Insanity: Flu Shot “May Prevent Heart Attack”

      A British study widely publicized in various online and print media outlets claims that flu vaccines can reduce the risk of heart attacks by as much as 19 percent. Critics, however, say the study is flawed, and that the “data” in it do not mean what the researchers are telling...
    9. nm

      FDA Warns of Fatal Bowel Problem From Rotavirus Vaccine for Children

      With little fanfare the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued labeling changes for the rotavirus vaccine because of the risk of intussusception, a twisting or obstruction of the intestine that can be fatal. The greatest risk was found to be in the 31-day period following the first dose of...
    10. nm

      Indian Health Workers Booked in Death of Children After Being Vaccinated

      Health officials from India arrived at Mohanlalganj a day after the death of four, otherwise healthy children, during an immunization drive. The children died soon after they were administered measles vaccine followed by drops of Vitamin A solution, prompting parents to blame the vaccine for the death of their children....
    11. nm

      Probe of Swine Flu Vaccine Link to Narcolepsy

      The latest problem linked to the swine flu vaccine, and that links vaccines to brain disorders in children, is a report by the Swedish news journal The Local that the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket) has begun an investigation into a link between swine flu vaccines made by the British...
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