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    1. Mike

      Omega-3 Ups Memory in Healthy Young Adults

      Healthy young adults ages 18-25 can improve their working memory by increasing their Omega-3 fatty acid intake, according to a first of its kind study from the University of Pittsburgh. Omega-3 Helped Healthy Young Adults Improve Memory “Before seeing this data, I would have said it was impossible to move...
    2. Mike

      Stanford Research Confirms Organic Better

      A review article from Stanford and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine confirms that consuming organic foods reduces consumers’ exposure to pesticide residues and to bacteria resistant to antibiotics. These reasons are at the top of the list leading consumers to buy organic products. Gold Standard Key Findings Stanford...
    3. Mike

      Omega-3 Supplements May Slow Aging

      Taking enough omega-3 fatty acid supplements to change the balance of oils in the diet could slow a key biological process linked to aging, new research suggests. The study showed that most overweight but healthy middle-aged and older adults who took omega-3 supplements for four months altered a ratio of...
    4. nm

      Yet More Positives from Omega 3 Found

      Researchers from Children’s Hospital Boston have found how Omega-3 fatty acids may prevent retinopathy, a major form of blindness, and may help with diabetes. The study is published in the journal Science Translational Medicine. The ability to prevent these “neovascular” eye diseases with omega-3 fatty acids could provide tremendous cost...
    5. nm

      These Fats Actually Help Build Muscle

      A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds that Omega-3 fats may help the loss of muscle mass from aging. While omega-3’s are known to stimulate protein growth in animals, the effect on human protein metabolism is not known. For eight weeks, 16 healthy, older adults were...
    6. nm

      Omega-3 May Help Diabetic Kidney Damage

      According to a study published in the journal Diabetes Care,omega-3 fats may reduce kidney damage in type-1 diabetics. The study found that kidney function was improved for type-1 diabetics with the highest average intake of omega-3 fatty acids, compared with folks with lower intake. The study used data from 1,436...
    7. nm

      Walnuts Impact Tumor Growth Genes, Slow Prostate Tumors

      Research from the University of California Davis and the Agriculture Western Regional Research Center in Albany, Calif., has found that walnut consumption slows the growth of prostate cancer in mice and has beneficial effects on multiple genes related to the control of tumor growth and metabolism. The study, by Paul...
    8. nm

      Omega 3 Curbs Precancerous Growths

      Curbs in those prone to bowel cancer, with the effects similar to those produced by the anti-inflammatory drug celecoxib A purified form of an omega 3 cuts the number and size of precancerous bowel growths (polyps) in people whose genetic make-up predisposes them to bowel cancer, finds research published ahead...
    9. nm

      Large Study Finds Eating Fatty Fish Lowers Heart Failure Risk for Men

      Eating salmon or other fatty fish just once a week helped reduce men’s risk of heart failure, adding to growing evidence that omega-3 fatty acids are of benefit to cardiac health. Represent one of the largest studies to investigate the association, the study, led by researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess...
    10. nm

      Omega-3 Fatty Acids Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

      Omega-3 fatty acids are at it again when it comes to health. According to new research, Omega-3 appears protective against advanced prostate cancer, and this effect may be modified by a genetic variant in the COX-2 gene, according to a report in Clinical Cancer Research “Previous research has shown protection...
    11. nm

      Oily Fish Protects Aging Eyes

      Eating oily fish once a week may reduce age-related macular degeneration (AMD) which is the major cause of blindness and poor vision in adults in western countries and the third cause of global blindness THe finding comes from a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. There...
    12. nm

      Study Finds Omega-3 May Helps With Asthma

      Metabolic product of an omega-3 fatty acid may help fight asthma. New research from the led by a research team at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School looked at the anti-inflammatory value of diets rich in some types of fish.  Researchers found that a molecule produced by the...
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