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    1. Mike

      Discovery Helps Unlock Rare and Fatal Disease in Children

      Menkes disease effects one in 100,000 children who are born with the disease. A Genetic Disorder Henkes is a genetic disorder that affects a child’s ability to properly absorb copper from food. It ultimately leads to neurodegeneration, seizures, impaired movement, stunted growth and, often, death before age 3. Newborn screening...
    2. Jacob

      Study: Daily Vitamins Reduce Cancer Risk

      Cancer Risk Reduced by 8% One of the largest clinical trails to date has found that taking a daily multivitamin reduces the risk of cancer by 8%. The new research, published online in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), followed nearly 15,000 older, male physicians followed for more...
    3. nm

      Lithium a Fountain of Youth Close to Home

      Researchers from the University of Jena, in partnership with researchers from universities in Oita and Hiroshima have demonstrated, by two independent approaches, that even a low concentration of lithium leads to an increased life expectancy in humans as well as in a model organism, the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans. Lithium is...
    4. nm

      Sprouts and Supplements: Team Up to Boost Broccoli’s Cancer-fighting Power

      A University of Illinois study provides convincing evidence that the way you prepare and consume your broccoli matters, and also suggests that teaming broccoli with broccoli sprouts may make the vegetable’s anti-cancer effect almost twice as powerful. “Broccoli, prepared correctly, is an extremely potent cancer-fighting agent—three to five servings a...
    5. nm

      5 Natural Tips for Balance, Energy and Low Stress Holidays

      Both stress and the availability of wonderful, and often not so healthy, food go way up. It can be a difficult time when it comes to keeping one’s balance and energy. Here are 5 tips to help you keep your energy and vitality on a high this holiday season. 1....
    6. nm

      Nutrition: The Preventative Medicine

      Healthy eating is key for staying healthy. Get the healthy eating basics to give you and your family a foundation for a lifetime of good health. http://www.naturalmedicine.com/nutrition/
    7. nm

      Soda Drinking as Kids is Indicator of Unhealthy Diet

      A ten year study from Penn State found that young girls who drink soda tend to have have less healthy diets in adolescence than those who did not drink soda. The study showed that girls who drank soda at age five had diets that were less likely to meet nutritional...
    8. nm

      Nutrition Exposed Eat4hlth

      Title: Nutrition Expose Eat4hlthLocation: Hudson, Wisconsin Website: Click Here Description: Nutriton with purpose Please send us an e-mail for specific information. Sandra@whollyness.com We would love to hear from you. Best of health to you~ Date: 2009-10-10Start Time: 2 PMEnd Time: 4 PM
    9. nm

      Drug Studies Biased in Favor The Manufacturer

      (OMNS, November 5, 2008) If you have often suspected that drug studies are rigged by the pharmaceutical manufacturer, you are right. “Drug studies skewed toward study sponsors,” reported The Washington Post. (1) “Industry-funded research often favors patent-holders, study finds.” Specifically, the American Journal of Psychiatry study authors said, “In 90%...
    10. nm

      Pinpointing Flavonoid Heart Health Benefits

      Chocolate, soy protein and green tea show health benefits. Since 1930, research has shown health benefits associated with flavonoids.  Limited research has left a solid understanding of these benefits elusive,   A first of kind study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has opened the door on this important...
    11. nm

      Blueberries May Lower Cholesterol

      More good news for those who love.blueberries Canadian researchers find that blueberries may significantly lower cholesterol and help with heart health.  The research was done on pigs fed different kinds of blueberry-supplemented diets. The study is published in the British Journal of Nutrition. “In feeding trials, we found that blueberry...
    12. nm

      Study: Vitamins C and E Reduces Diabetics Memory Loss

      A new study has found that vitamins C and E supplements may reduce memory loss in type-2 diabetics. Type-2 diabetics are at increased risk of memory loss. The small study found that daily doses of 1000 mg of vitamin C and 800 IU of vitamin E improved mental function after...
    13. nm

      Simple Natural Tips to Manage Acne

      Acne is no fun for anyone. Most cases of acne can be resolved through hygiene and nutrition. Putting our best face forward is important at any age. Here a some simple but effective ways self care ways that may help manage acne naturally Clean your skin wel: Washing with cleaning...
    14. nm

      Improve Your Health, Prevent Illness: Never Too Late

      A new study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirms the path to health and preventing the big killers that also drive huge perscription drug sales: obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease. According to the study it is never to late to improve your health, and prevent illness, through diet and...
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