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    1. Jacob

      Get Married Gain Weight

      A study from Southern Methodist University (SMU) matches with what is casual observation. After getting married folks gain weight. The study finds that, on average, young newlyweds who are good with with their marriage gain weight in the early years after they exchange vows. This, of course, is not good...
    2. nm

      Warning: Getting Your Hair Straightened Could Endanger Your Health

      Severely straightened hair ala Hollywood movie star-style may be wildly popular right now, but there’s a downside to the “Brazilian blowout” that the Office of Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) wants you to know about. According to Time Healthland, the chemicals needed to achieve this ultra-straight-hair...
    3. nm

      45-Second De-Stress Tips

      If you’re anything like me, you wake up in the morning, hit the ground running, work through lunch, and only stop thinking about your job when your head hits the pillow. So, needless to say, I occasionally have days where I’m stressed out of my mind. According to Dr. Paul...
    4. nm

      FTC: POM Wonderful health claims are bogus – Los Angeles Times

      FTC: POM Wonderful health claims are bogusLos Angeles TimesPOM Wonderful isn't quite as wonderful as it claims, the Federal Trade Commission said Monday, after filing a complaint that challenges the company's statements that pomegranate can prevent and treat everything …Claims by Pom Juice Called DeceptiveNew York TimesFTC Not Buying POM...
    5. nm

      Proposed Rules Rankle Health Insurers – Wall Street Journal

      Daily Mail Proposed Rules Rankle Health InsurersWall Street JournalOne of the most critical aspects of the federal health overhaul for insurers is shaping up as a mixed bag for the industry, as regulators issued draft rules Thursday on how the companies must account for how much they spend directly on...
    6. nm

      New health care changes are only the beginning – CNN

      New health care changes are only the beginning Joshua and Delores Armstrong look at a hospital bill together. A $10000 emergency room charge shocked the family. After completing his second year of business classes at Miles College in Fairfield, View full post on Health – Google News
    7. nm

      Obama returns to stump for health care – Washington Post

      ABC News Obama returns to stump for health careWashington PostThe House of Representatives passed landmark legislation to overhaul the nation's health-care system, approving a Senate bill and a separate package of amendments. By Anne E. Kornblut After six rocky months, President Obama's health-care reform law is …Big health insurers to...
    8. nm

      Andy Griffith Pitches Health Care Law in TV Ad – CBS News

      Seattle Post Intelligencer Andy Griffith Pitches Health Care Law in TV AdCBS NewsAndy Griffith, star of the classic TV shows "Matlock" and "The Andy Griffith Show," has taken on a new acting job – pitching President Obama's health care law in a new television ad. The 30-second spot (watch at...
    9. nm

      Raw Milk Advocates and Health Officials Step Up Dispute

      To a small but growing and dedicated community, raw milk is viewed as a cure for asthma, gastrointestinal disorders and quite a number of other illnesses. But state departments of agriculture view unpasteurized milk as a germ-ridden drink. The dispute heated up in mid-April. First, there was a national conference...
    10. nm

      New Health Warning for Statin Drugs

      Zocor (simvastatin) is a statin drug taken by around three million people in order to lower their cholesterol.  However, an analysis of clinical trial data has found that high doses can cause muscle damage and a rare condition which induces kidney problems and may be fatal. The U.S. Food and...
    11. nm

      Senate starts debate on final health care piece – USA Today

      Globe and Mail Senate starts debate on final health care pieceUSA TodayOpening what may be a final chapter in the current health care debate, the Senate voted today to formally begin work on a 153-page, fix-it bill Democrats say will improve President Obama's landmark law. Hours after Obama signed the...
    12. nm

      Obama White House: Health care today, unemployment next week – USA Today

      Obama White House: Health care today, unemployment next week USA Today Health care is dominating White House attention today, but odds are a week from now it will shift back to another familiar issue. The US Labor Department issues the nation’s unemployment rate on the first Friday of each month,...
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