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    1. nm

      Small Amounts of Exercise Boost Overweight Teens

      Being obese at any age is commonly associated with a litany of health issues, ranging from diabetes and chronic fatigue to heart complications. Overweight adolescents are also at an increased risk of body dissatisfaction, social alienation and low self esteem. Throw Away the Scale “The first thing I tell teens...
    2. nm

      Micro-productivity: Accomplishing Major Goals With Minor Effort

      When I’m not writing for Stepcase Lifehack, I spend my time crafting microfiction. I am the author of a 365-part fiction serial running at MargeryJones.com, and I have a piece of microfiction being featured in an upcoming HarperCollins fiction anthology on sale this June. So I know a little something...
    3. nm

      Twelve Steps to Get Things Done

      No Frills Personal Development It’s become apparent that not everyone connects with, relates to or gains value from the traditional personal development language or paradigm. Or words like paradigm (for that matter). Many of my readers have shared with me that their partner (sister, brother, mother, father, boss) needs to...
    4. nm

      10 Things To Stop Doing in Your Relationships

      Want to build positive relationships? Then make sure not to commit the following 10 things that disrupt relationships: Giving hurtful comments. Are you hurting others by your lack of tact? You might think that you’re being helpful, but your intentions might have hurt the other party instead. Put yourself in...
    5. nm

      What’s Your Food Issue?

      Cheesecake-a-holic So, what’s your food issue? Come on, you can tell me. It’s just us. Is there just one issue or are there several? Is it a constant or does it come and go? Do you over-eat? Under-eat? Perhaps you alternate between the two? I have in the past. Is...
    6. nm

      10 Tips To Have Your Most Productive Day

      If you are to look back at how you spent your day yesterday, how would you rate your productivity on a scale of 0-100%? Did you spend every moment effectively? Did you utilize every pocket of time to its best? No matter who you are, there is always opportunity for...
    7. nm

      Sports Leaves Young Teens Feeling Healthier and Happier

      Taking part in sports is good all round for young teens: physically, socially, and mentally, according to a study by Dr. Keith Zullig and Rebecca White from West Virginia University. This is the first study to show physical and mental health benefits of sports participation in 12- to 14-year-old adolescents...
    8. nm

      How to Become a Conscious Eater

      Food-Ology For many of the people I’ve mentored, coached and educated over the last two decades (yep, I’m that old), their biggest day-to-day challenge is managing their food intake in a healthy, intelligent and responsible manner. On a practical, emotional and psychological level, it’s also been one of my biggest...
    9. nm

      Goal Setting is a Must for Fitness and Fat Loss

      by Darin L. Steen In working with well over 500 clients that have graduated from the Fat loss LifeStyle 12 Week Body Transformation System I have learned a lot about what motivates people to make lasting change. One facet of most people’s fitness and fat loss programs that usually gets...
    10. nm

      Feng Shui Dilemmas: Put Empowerment First

      In feng shui the goal is to create environments that are utterly comfortable, spaces with a predominance of positive energy and few sources of negative energy. There are times when environments present insurmountable energy challenges and a choice must be made between two options, neither of which is optimal. It’s...
    11. nm

      11 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Results

      All of us have goals. Goals like losing weight, earning more money, finding a life partner, setting up our business, achieving performance targets, being fitter, building better relationships, and so on. Some people seem to have no problem achieving their goals. Some, on the other hand, don’t seem to be...
    12. nm

      6 Proven Ways To Make New Habits Stick

      Not long ago, my daily life was in really bad shape. I was sleeping anywhere between 3am to 6am on average, and on the really bad days I wouldn’t sleep at all. Because I slept late, I would wake up late. Subsequently, my day would start off late, which meant...
    13. nm

      7 Effective Ways To De-Junk Your Life

      If you purge your life of random belongings, bad habits, and unsatisfying relationships you’ll be left with something scary: time and space. What you do with all the extra time and space in your life after putting these tips into action is something we can discuss in the comments. Better...
    14. nm

      What Do You Need To Let Go Of?

      I like the concept of letting go. It’s mostly where I find joy, calm, peace and purpose. It’s so much easier than chasing. And so much more effective. Rather than chasing happiness, the Buddhist philosophy suggests that we simply choose to let go of that which makes us unhappy. The...
    15. nm

      9 Tips For Better Sleep

      Whenever I see a toddler or small animal sleeping in a ridiculous position, a little part of me gets terribly jealous. Not because I want to be a small child or a furry kitten. Because I want to enjoy that same sort of rest! I had a lot of trouble...
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