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    1. Mike

      Study: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protects Against Alzheimer’s

      How extra virgin olive oil protects against Alzheimer’s (AD) is a mystery. A new study published in the Journal Chemical Neuroscience researchers found the answer may be in a component of olive oil that helps shuttle the abnormal AD proteins associated with AD out of the brain. Lower AD Rates...
    2. orin

      Can Gut Bacteria Changes Protect Against Stroke

      Researchers from Sweden finds that an altered gut microbiota in humans can be linked with symptomatic atherosclerosis and stroke. The human gut holds many more bacterial cells than human cells. These bacteria contain a huge number of genes in addition to our host genome, and are collectively known as the...
    3. Jacob

      Study Green Tea Boosts Brain to Aid Memory

      It has long been believed that drinking green tea is good for the memory. Now researchers have discovered how the chemical properties of green tea affect the generation of brain cells, providing benefits for memory and spatial learning. The research is published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research. Professor Bai’s...
    4. nm

      Anger Over British Medical Journal Breastfeeding “Analysis”

      A recent analysis published in the British Medical Journal questioning the current World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation for six months of exclusive breastfeeding, and no added solid foods, is drawing strong criticism from breastfeeding. Critics raise several issues in questioning the article. The piece is not a scientific study or...
    5. nm

      Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

      Looking for some healthy dishes for your Thanksgiving dinner? Thanksgiving: Spotlight on Savory Side Dishes Sure, turkey takes center stage every November. But let’s not forget the important supporting role of the side dish. Whether you’re the traditionalist who wouldn’t think of this holiday without a sweet potato casserole or...
    6. nm

      The Campaign for Healthier Eating Across America

      By Jeffrey M. Smith You may have heard that genetically modified (GM) foods are safe, properly tested, and necessary to feed a hungry world. UNTRUE! Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), introduced into our food supply in the mid-1990s, are one of history’s most dangerous and radical changes in our diet. These...
    7. nm

      Research Finds Stress-factors Can Control Genes

      More and more is coming to light about the major impact that stress has on our health. In fact continued stress is now considered a serious disease state by many health professionals. Stress has many form, from the common notion of emotional stress, to various kinds of physical stress on...
    8. nm

      Broccoli and Plantains Good for the Gut and Chron’s Disease

      Researchers from the University of Liverpool have found that soluble fibres found in the plantain, a type of banana, and broccoli could help patients with Crohn’s disease. Scientists studied at the impact of roughage from vegetables on the passage of harmful bacteria through cells inside the gut. They found that...
    9. nm

      Could Cranberry Juice Block Staph Infections

      Researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) have reported that in a small clinical study cranberry juice cocktail blocked a strain of Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) from beginning the process of infection. The research was presentated at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting in Boston. Said Terri Camesano, professor of chemical...
    10. nm

      Tai Chi Eases Fibromyalgia

      Tai chi, an ancient Chinese practice, may be effective as a therapy for fibromyalgia, according to a new study. A clinical trial found that after 12 weeks of tai chi, patients with the chronic pain condition fibromyalgia did significantly better in measurements of pain, fatigue, physical functioning, sleeplessness and depression....
    11. nm

      Vitamin B3 to Treat Fungal Infections

      A team of scientists from the University of Montreal have identified vitamin B3 as a potential antifungal treatment. The study is the subject of a recent article in the journal Nature Medicine. Infections by the yeast Candida albicans represent a significant public health problem and a common complication in immunodeficient...
    12. nm

      4 Preventable Lifestyle Risk Factors Reduce US Life Expectancy

      A study published this week in PLoS Medicine finds that four risk factors — smoking, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and obesity — explain a substantial amount of the disparity in life expectancy amongst the “Eight Americas”, which are groups of the US population that can be defined by...
    13. nm

      Acupuncture Can Mean Relief to Youth with Chronic Illnesses

      To help pediatric patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses doctors at Rush University Medical Center are offering acupuncture therapy. The lack of options for pain management in children has been reported as one of the most difficult aspects of providing care to pediatric patients. Research indicates that up to 70 percent...
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