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    1. nm

      Grape Seed Extract FIghts Kidney Disease

      Grape seed extract may have therapeutic and preventative use in fighting obesity-induced kidney disease. New insight into grape seed extract as a therapeutic and preventative measure to fight obesity-induced kidney damage is presented in a new study. Grape seed and skin extract (GSSE) is known to contain powerful antioxidants. This...
    2. Jacob

      Get Married Gain Weight

      A study from Southern Methodist University (SMU) matches with what is casual observation. After getting married folks gain weight. The study finds that, on average, young newlyweds who are good with with their marriage gain weight in the early years after they exchange vows. This, of course, is not good...
    3. Dr L

      Non-Digestable Starch Helps the Body Fight Colon Cancer

      Resistant, or non-digestable, starch helps the body resist colorectal cancer Review show resistant starch kills pre-cancerous cells and reduces inflammation You can’t digest resistant starch and it ends up in the bowel in pretty much the same form as it was eaten. Once in the bowel this resistant starch does...
    4. Mike

      Processed Meat Linked to Cancer, Heart Disease and Early Death. Ouch!

      A huge study of half a million men and women finds an association between processed meat and heart disease and cancer. This EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition) study involved ten countries and 23 centres in Europe and almost half a million people. In general a diet high...
    5. Mike

      Aspartame Unlabled in Your Milk Soon

      In news that makes it clear why vigilance is always needed when it comes to what the food industry may do with your food, it ha come to light that the milk industry is attempting to get the FDA to allow dropping of labeling of artificial sweeteners like aspartame in...
    6. orin

      Is the Eat Local Movement Limited to ‘pivileged’ Consumers

      Are farmers markets limited to an elite consumer. I know that I often get that feeling when I shop a my local farmers market. The movement to buy and eat local fresh foods is limited to an ‘educated’ few. Something akin to the very beginning of the organic foods movement....
    7. Jacob

      Support Prop 37: Join Sixty-One Countries That Require GM Food Labeling

      According to a new interactive Genetically Engineered (GE) Food Labeling Laws map from the Center for Food Safety (CFS) 61 countries require GE food labeling. As the spread of commercialized GE food products mount, the number of people exposed to GE foods globally has grown. This makes truth in labeling...
    8. Mike

      Stanford Research Confirms Organic Better

      A review article from Stanford and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine confirms that consuming organic foods reduces consumers’ exposure to pesticide residues and to bacteria resistant to antibiotics. These reasons are at the top of the list leading consumers to buy organic products. Gold Standard Key Findings Stanford...
    9. Jacob

      Tomatoes Linked to Lower Stroke Risk

      Most of the major health problems in the USA, can be dramatically reduced with a healthier lifestyle. Another study points out the importance of eating healthy. A new study finds that eating tomatoes, which are high in the antioxidant lycopene, and tomato-based foods is associated with a lower risk of...
    10. orin

      Low-level Mercury Exposure when Pregnant linked to ADHD in Children

      Mercury has become a widespread environmental toxin. Found in our food, especially fish, water, air and in soil. It has been used in vaccines for years. Now researchers from Boston University School of Public Health links low-level prenatal mercury exposure with a greater risk of ADHD-related behaviors. Even though mercury...
    11. Mike

      Cherries Lowers Gout Attack Risk by 35 Percent

      A new study found that patients with gout who ate cherries over a two-day period showed a 35% lower risk of gout attacks compared to those who did not eat the fruit. It is estimated that 8.3 million adults in the U.S. suffer with gout, an inflammatory arthritis triggered by...
    12. orin

      The McDonald’s McRib “Bleaching Agent” Sandwhich

      Now eating McDonald’s is never recommended here at Natural Medicine. Fast food of any kind, even the “healthy” fast food, is not really healthy. The simple rule is if it isn’t real (it is real processed), it isn’t healthy. But this is even creepy for fast food. A report from...
    13. nm

      Could Gut Bacteria be a diabetes Cause?

      The importance of the diet and lifestyle on the flora of the gut continues to be better understood with new research. The number of people suffering from type 2 diabetes world-wide has risen rapidly in recent years. Now new research finds that the composition of a person’s gut bacteria could...
    14. nm

      EU Rejects French Ban of Monsanto GM Corn

      In a victory for Monsanto, the EU’s food safety body rejected a request to ban Monsanto’s GM corn. The EU food safety body ruled there is not enough ‘scientific evidence’ that the insect-resistant strain is harmful to human health or the environment Like France, Russia has banned has banned the...
    15. Jacob

      GMO Corn Banned in Russia over Cancer Concerns

      Following the recent French study that found rats developed cancer on a diet of GMO corn, Russia will ban Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) corn, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Russia’s Institute of Nutrition has been asked to assess the validity of the study. The action follows announcement by...
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