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    1. Mike

      Vitamin D Gives Cells an Energy Boost

      The more vitamin D is studied the more we learn about how important it is. New research fro Newcastle University in the UK shows that vitamin D Vitamin D is key for muscle work efficiency and boosting energy levels. The study led shows that muscle function improves with Vitamin D...
    2. orin

      Exercise Increases Semen Quality

      Exercise may be the ticket for men trying to become fathers. A new study from the University of Cordoba, Spain, links moderate physical activity in males with better hormone levels and sperm that favors reproduction compared to sedentary men. The fact is that, for a number of reasons, sperm quality...
    3. nm

      Bicycle Helmets Do Prevent Deadly Head Injuries

      Helmets not only for motor cycles. According to a study in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal), cyclists who died of a head injury were three times as likely to not be wearing a helmet compared with those who died of other injuries, . Few Studies There is little evidence on...
    4. nm

      Reduce Empty Calories Eaten by Kids

      THere are over 23 million children and adolescents in the US that are overweight or obese. Besides the personal cost, this leads to the increasing risk for many chronic diseases, according to research from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. The article looks at the diet of American youth...
    5. nm

      Sports Leaves Young Teens Feeling Healthier and Happier

      Taking part in sports is good all round for young teens: physically, socially, and mentally, according to a study by Dr. Keith Zullig and Rebecca White from West Virginia University. This is the first study to show physical and mental health benefits of sports participation in 12- to 14-year-old adolescents...
    6. nm

      Physical Fitness Pumps Up Kids Brains

      Researcher from the University of Illinois finds an association between the fitness of 9- and 10-year-old children and their brains. Fitter kids tend to have a bigger hippocampus and perform better on a test of memory. The study included 49 kids and used magnetic resonance imaging to measure the relative...
    7. nm

      Will You Get Big and Bulky if You Lift Weights?

      by Darin L. Steen This question comes up a lot from my female clients. And the answer is, no, most likely you will not. In fact, gaining more muscle through resistance exercises is an integral part of any well rounded fitness / fat loss program. Having more muscle on your...
    8. nm

      Supplement Gives a Big Endurance Kick

      Research from the University of Exeter has found that a dietary supplement to boost nitric oxide in the body can significantly boost stamina during high-intensity exercise. The study suggest that taking the supplement can allow people to exercise up to 20% longer and could produce a 1-2% improvement in race...
    9. nm

      How to Get Rid of Belly Fat and Build Strong ‘Sexy’ Abs

      by Darin L. Steen Most of us at one point or another, has wanted to get a chiseled midsection. Most of us have given up on the dream of having “ripped” six pack abs. But you don’t have too. There are many reasons to build your abdominals and reduce your...
    10. nm

      Goal Setting is a Must for Fitness and Fat Loss

      by Darin L. Steen In working with well over 500 clients that have graduated from the Fat loss LifeStyle 12 Week Body Transformation System I have learned a lot about what motivates people to make lasting change. One facet of most people’s fitness and fat loss programs that usually gets...
    11. nm

      Exercise Can Overrule Weight Gain Genes

      If you have wondered, like just about everyone, whether exercise really help keep the weight off, a study from England provides an answer, yes it does. The study finds that exercise can reduce a persons genetic predisposition to obesity by as much as 40%. The scientists looked at the physical...
    12. nm

      Stay OFF the Scale to Monitor Your Fitness Fat Loss Program

      by Darin L. Steen The only thing that can come from using only the scale to determine if your exercise program is working is “Bad News”. If you really want to know if your fitness / fat loss program is working you need more tools. The scale simply will not...
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