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    1. Mike

      Good Gut Bacteria May Get Rid of Resistant Bacteria from Your Gut

      Antibiotics are good gut bacteria killers and can decimate the normal intestinal microbiota, which are key to overall health, including the immune system. The gut may never recover its former diversity. The impact of antibiotics on the gut renders the gut vulnerable to pathogens. Now researchers from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer...
    2. Jacob

      Sleeping Pills Linked to Higher Risk of Cancer and Death

      A recent study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that prescription sleeping pills are associated with increased risk of early death and cancer. For about 70 million Americans poor sleep is a serious concern. Although there are many natural approaches to sleep problems, sleeping pills is the major...
    3. nm

      FDA Issues Warning: Meningitis Outbreak Linked to More Drugs

      The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued warnings on additional drugs produced by the specialty pharmacy at the center of the current meningitis outbreak. The FDA said it was investigating a report of a meningitis infection in a patient who got a different steroid than the type linked to...
    4. Mike

      Abuse of Nonprescription Drugs Kills

      Nonprescription medications are just as likely a cause of poisoning as prescription drugs, according to a new study from the University of Rochester Medical Center. The study analyzes the data from the second annual report of the Toxicology Investigators Consortium (ToxIC), is published online in Springer’s Journal of Medical Toxicology....
    5. Jacob

      Overweight Kids on More Medications

      According to new research from Canada, overweight children aged 12 to 19 are 59 per cent more likely than normal-weight kids to take prescription medication Overweight children are far more likely to take prescription medications than children of a normal weight—a trend that adds to already higher health-care costs for...
    6. nm

      Why Do Drugs Cost So Much?

      Are you interested in learning the economics of health and medicine? Are you a skeptic of Natural Medicine? Are you a proponent  alternative medicine? We would like to highlight this article published by Time Magazine in 2004. In light of the recent uprising of the Occupy Wall Street movement, many...
    7. nm

      New Drugs Approvals Fall is The FDA Finally Doing Its Job

      A study says drug approvals way down. The study presented at a biotechnology industry conference, BIO CEO & Investor Conference, says that the success rate for getting new drugs approved has fallen by about 50%. Drug companies have been raising more complaints recently about a regulatory environment that has begun...
    8. nm

      Obesity Drug Contrave Rejected By FDA for Heart Risks

      Drugs are not substitute for naturally managing one’s health. However, with the wide spread obesity epidemic and its enormous cost to in dollars and lives, drugs may be a needed part of the solution for decades as people better understand the need for a natural remedy of better diets and...
    9. nm

      Millions Prescribed Antidepressant Without a Diagnosis

      According to a recent study in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, reported in Reuters, more than 25% of American on antidepressants haven’t not been diagnosed with depression or anxiety disorders. The problem is that antidepressants can have serious side effects, especially when used long term, without a need for the...
    10. nm

      A Superbug Born of Drugs for Pneumonia

      One of the arguments for the use of natural medicines whenever possible instead of an over reliance on drugs and vaccines is the ability of bacteria and viruses to mutate developing resistance to drugs and vaccines. Current examples and the growing problem of super bugs, with resistance to antibiotics, and...
    11. nm

      The Feds Stepping into Big Pharma Territory With Drug Development

      Taking what is sure to be a step that is sure to raise controversy, the U.S. Government may be taking small steps towards getting into the drug development business. The news is bouncing around the internet after a recent article in the NY Times As the cost and risk of...
    12. nm

      Johnson & Johnson Sued by British Columbia Over the Patch

      The British Columbia government is suing the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson Inc.,according to the online journal LifeSiteNews.com. The suit claims that Johnson & Johnson aggressively marketed the Ortho Evra contraception patch without properly disclosing the risks. The suit claims that women were not informed about the risks of “blood...
    13. nm

      Drug Pulled From the Market for Heart Attack Risks

      Abbott Laboratories has agreed to pull the weight loss drug Meridia (sibutramine) because clinical studies found rhe drug increased the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Approximately 8 million people worldwide take the drug, according to the FDA, ths includes about 100,000 Americans. “Meridia’s continued availability is not justified when...
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