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    1. Jacob

      CDC: Flu Vaccine Not Effective.

      Estimates just a 9% effectiveness rate for the shot this year. for Youth? the study estimated that for younger the shot worked better. They estimate the vaccine was effective for 58% of those aged 6 months-17 years, 46% for persons aged 18 – 49 years, and 50% for persons aged...
    2. nm

      Antibiotics Overused for Children With Colds

      Doctors prescribe even though evidence says antibiotics don’t help the common cold. Research presented at the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) annual meeting finds that doctors continue to prescribe antibiotics for the common cold. THis is despite the clear evidence that children with a cough associated with the common...
    3. nm

      Study Finds Flu Vaccines Not Proven Effective for Elderly

      The researchers were also unable to draw any conclusions about whether vaccinating healthcare workers helps to prevent influenza symptoms and death in people aged over 60. Evidence for the safety and efficacy of influenza vaccines in the over 65s is poor, despite the fact that vaccination has been recommended for...
    4. nm

      Limiting Flu: Face Masks and Hand Hygiene Works

      Simple and effective preventative measure reduce spread up to 50%, even when worn “moderately”. A new study in the Journal of Infectious Diseases finds theat ordinary face masks and hand hygiene can effectively reduce the transmission of influenza-like illness during flu season. In this study, researchers observed a reduction of...
    5. nm

      Swine Flu Vaccine Demand Hits the Skids

      Just half way into the flu season there is suddenly a glut of H1N1 vaccine, with governments are canceling orders and trying to sell stacks of unused vaccine. Low demand and a the fact that theH1N1 has turned out to be a mild flu, rather that the killer pandemic hyped...
    6. nm

      WHO Vaccine Adviser Gets Millions from Big Pharma

      Conflict of interest issues raised. More questions have been raised about the role of some key figure in the World HEalth Organization (WHO) played in the swine flu panic. A Finnish advisor on vaccines apparently concealed receiveing 6 million Euros for his research center from the vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline. The...
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