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      FDA to Regulate E-Cigarettes as Tobacco – CSP Daily News

      Telegraph.co.uk FDA to Regulate E-Cigarettes as TobaccoCSP Daily NewsROCKVILLE, Md. — The US Food & Drug Administration's Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) will be looking at e-cigarettes as tobacco products and not as drug delivery device, the agency reported yesterday. …FDA to regulate e-cigs as tobacco productsWinston-Salem JournalFDA To Treat...
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      Sitting All Day: Worse For You Than You Might Think

      Even if you exercise regularly, it might not be enough to counteract the effects of too much sitting. Many people have sedentary jobs and also engage in sedentary leisure activities after work, with the result that a lot more time is spent sitting than moving. A study calculated how much...
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      PBS Special Report on Autism

      Robert MacNeil, former anchor of the PBS program NewsHour, takes viewers on a visit with his 6-year-old autistic grandson, Nick, to see how autism affects the whole family. In the video Nick’s mother, Alison McNeil, states: “… So we went from a 15-month appointment where this child was A-OK, supposedly,...
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      Warning: Getting Your Hair Straightened Could Endanger Your Health

      Severely straightened hair ala Hollywood movie star-style may be wildly popular right now, but there’s a downside to the “Brazilian blowout” that the Office of Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) wants you to know about. According to Time Healthland, the chemicals needed to achieve this ultra-straight-hair...
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      Mind Tricks May Help Arthritis Pain

      In another illustration of mind over matter, a researcher at Nottingham University, England found that simply creating an optical illusion for arthritic pain sufferers can ease the pain. For the illusion to work, patients place their hand inside a box containing a camera, which then projects the image in realtime...
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      Popular Diet Drug Needs to be Banned from the Market

      A drug-safety watchdog group is calling for the ban of the popular diet drug Alli, one of the nation’s most marketed over-the-counter (OTC) weight loss drugs. According to Cleveland.com, Public Citizen sent a 31-page letter to the FDA summarizing its concerns about the drug. Alli’s active ingredient is orlistat, which...
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      Is Sugar Toxic?

      A video on YouTube on the biochemistry of fructose and posted in July 2009 has gone viral, with more than 800,000 views so far. People are going to the site at the rate of 50,000 a month, even though it’s 90 minutes long, The New York Times reports. Calling sugar...
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      7 Ways You’re Exposed to Radiation — When Should You Worry?

      What’s the truth about radiation risks? Yahoo News assembles a list of radiation exposures that you face, and attempts to separate fact from fiction: 1. Radiation from the Japanese nuclear disaster. An earthquake and tsunami has left officials struggling to contain radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi power plant. If you...
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      For U.S. Troops, Powerful Drug Cocktails Have Deadly Results

      The U.S. military’s medical system is flooded with prescription drugs, and the condquences have been deadly for some soldiers.  By some estimates, over 300,000 troops have come back from Iraq or Afghanistan with PTSD, depression, or a traumatic brain injury.  The Pentagon has turned to drugs to treat these complex...
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      Climate change creates longer ragweed season

      A changing climate means allergy-causing ragweed pollen has a longer season that extends further north than it did just 16 years ago, U.S. scientists reported on Monday. In research that gibes with projections by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, plant and allergy experts found that ragweed pollen season...
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      ASCO GU: Imaging Misses Mark in Prostate Cancer – MedPage Today

      TopNews New Zealand ASCO GU: Imaging Misses Mark in Prostate CancerMedPage TodayExplain that 36% of low-risk prostate cancer patients are getting expensive imaging studies that are not recommended by treatment guidelines. Note that 39% of men diagnosed with high-risk prostate cancer …Balding at age 20 tied to risk of cancerBoston...
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      How Rising Sea Levels Will Affect the US Coastline

      Thankfully, no major US city has gone underwater due to rising sea levels caused from global climate change. What happened in New Orleans was an effect of Hurricane Katrina, a failure of the levees, and the fact that part of the city was built below the water level. However, climate...
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      45-Second De-Stress Tips

      If you’re anything like me, you wake up in the morning, hit the ground running, work through lunch, and only stop thinking about your job when your head hits the pillow. So, needless to say, I occasionally have days where I’m stressed out of my mind. According to Dr. Paul...
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      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Therapies Raise Hopes, and Questions – MyHealthNewsDaily

      Daily Mail Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Therapies Raise Hopes, and QuestionsMyHealthNewsDailyTreatments for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome that focus on easing their fear of symptoms and gradually increasing their physical activity are safe and effective, according to a new study. The results show that two therapies, known as cognitive …Study Says...
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