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    1. nm

      Friendship Fights Depression, Researchers Find

      By Dr. Mercola Previous research shows that having a strong social network of good friends is a significant factor in longevity. If you’re socially isolated, you may experience poor health and a shorter lifespan. Friendships can also be a significant factor in successful recuperation from depression. According to recent research,1...
    2. Sara Fletcher

      Choosing a Primary Care Provider for Your New Family

      What’s even more important than your health? Your children’s health is of the utmost importance. You want them to have every available resource to stay healthy and grow as they learn in those early years. As new parents you face many foreign situations that leave you helpless in a time...
    3. Mike

      Discovery Helps Unlock Rare and Fatal Disease in Children

      Menkes disease effects one in 100,000 children who are born with the disease. A Genetic Disorder Henkes is a genetic disorder that affects a child’s ability to properly absorb copper from food. It ultimately leads to neurodegeneration, seizures, impaired movement, stunted growth and, often, death before age 3. Newborn screening...
    4. Jacob

      Vitamin D Linked to Pneumonia Risk

      A study from the University of Eastern Finland finds low serum vitamin D levels are a risk factor for pneumonia. Risk 2.5 Times Greater With Low Vitamin D The risk of contracting pneumonia was more than 2.5 times greater in subjects with the lowest vitamin D levels than in subjects...
    5. nm

      Pesticides Causing Bees to Forget Best Flowers

      Knowledge about the disastrous impact of pesticides on bees continues to grow. New research Newcastle and Dundee Universities shows that two types of chemicals, neonicotinoids and coumaphos, reduce bee brain activity and when combined, interfere with the bee’s ability to learn and remember. Newcastle University’s Dr Geri Wright and Dr...
    6. Mike

      Vitamin D Gives Cells an Energy Boost

      The more vitamin D is studied the more we learn about how important it is. New research fro Newcastle University in the UK shows that vitamin D Vitamin D is key for muscle work efficiency and boosting energy levels. The study led shows that muscle function improves with Vitamin D...
    7. Jacob

      A Brisk Walk as Good as Running for the Heart

      According to a new study,Walking briskly can lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes as much as running can, according to surprising findings reported in the American Heart Association journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology. Large Study Researchers analyzed 33,060 runners in the National Runners’ Health...
    8. nm

      Grape Seed Extract FIghts Kidney Disease

      Grape seed extract may have therapeutic and preventative use in fighting obesity-induced kidney disease. New insight into grape seed extract as a therapeutic and preventative measure to fight obesity-induced kidney damage is presented in a new study. Grape seed and skin extract (GSSE) is known to contain powerful antioxidants. This...
    9. Mike

      Adolescent Girls are ‘red flag’ for Postmenopausal Osteoporosis

      First-time study shows smoking and depression in adolescents have negative impact on bone mineral density. The impact of depression, anxiety, and smoking on bone density have not previously been studied during adolescence, when more than 50% of bone accrual occurs. This study is the first to demonstrate that smoking and...
    10. Jacob

      Get Married Gain Weight

      A study from Southern Methodist University (SMU) matches with what is casual observation. After getting married folks gain weight. The study finds that, on average, young newlyweds who are good with with their marriage gain weight in the early years after they exchange vows. This, of course, is not good...
    11. Mike

      Study: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protects Against Alzheimer’s

      How extra virgin olive oil protects against Alzheimer’s (AD) is a mystery. A new study published in the Journal Chemical Neuroscience researchers found the answer may be in a component of olive oil that helps shuttle the abnormal AD proteins associated with AD out of the brain. Lower AD Rates...
    12. Jacob

      Organ Transplant Reipiant Dies of Rabies

      CDC confirms rabies death in organ transplant recipient The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene have confirmed that a patient who recently died of rabies in Maryland contracted the infection through organ transplantation done more than a year ago. The patient...
    13. nm

      Sturdy Finds Vaccinated Kids Need More Doc Visits Than Unvaccinated Kids

      The vaccination controversy will not subside anytime soon. One one side are huge pharmaceutical companies, and the medical industrial complex, on the other are parents trying to get straight answers on the safety an effectiveness of the ever increasing number of recommended vaccines. Central to the problem is the lack...
    14. Mike

      Study Finds Why Vitamin E Can Help Prevent Cancer

      While many studies suggest that vitamin E can help prevent cancer, like so many things in medicine, how it does so has remained a mystery. Now researchers from Ohio State University have actually identified an anti-cancer property of vitamin E Inhibits Key Enzyme Researchers showed in prostate cancer cells that...
    15. nm

      E-Cigarette Regulatory Talk Gets Hot

      The pressure to regulate e-cigarettes is growing. Currently there is little research on the health impact of e-cigarette ingredients. Now a powerful anti-smoking group is pressuring the FDA to begin studying the safety, ingredients and potential health impacts of electronic cigarettes. American Cancer Society The request is from the American...
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