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      Healthy Eating at the Airport

      Photo credit:  courtesy of Shutterstock Blurb:  Yes, it’s often possible to eat well while waiting for your flight. Images:  Finding healthy food at the airport has always been a challenge, but U.S. airports are beginning to rise to the challenge. “We are offering more organic options solely because of consumer...
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      9 Ways to De-Stress

      Photo credit:  courtesy of Shutterstock Blurb:  Stress, good and bad, is part of life. Here’s how to control the worst of it so that good stress can work for us when we need it. Images:  Zen is not my middle name. I apply obligation and pressure the way other people...
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      25 Ways to Rev Up Your Walking Workout

      Photo credit:  David Martinez Blurb:  Blast more calories, burn more fat and maximize your happy factor every time you put on your walking shoes. Images:  (1)Check in before you head out Take a moment to tune in to your body and mind before you take a step. “It’s important to...
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      How can I ease my PMS?

      Photo credit:  Sezer Yadigar Blurb:  PMS is no picnic, but you can feel like your lovable self again with a mix of natural treatments and meds. Images:  A HOLISTIC HEALTH PRACTITIONER SAYS: Hormonal imbalances can trigger PMS, but an unhealthy diet, exhaustion and dehydration tend to make it worse. TREATMENT...
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      Break into Song

      Blurb:  Singing has been shown to have many positive effects on the body. Images:  Were you told as a kid you have talent for carrying a tune?  Or were you one of those who were told to mouth the words so others wouldn’t be thrown off key?  According to research...
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      Taming the Monkey Mind—How Meditation Affects Your Health and Wellbeing

      By Dr. Kelly Brogan I have a monkey mind. As a mother, wife, physician, writer, educator, and to-do-list-completer, I recommend that anyone enter my mental space with caution. Even if I played none of these roles, and was charged with sitting under a palm tree and relaxing, that chattering racket...
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      Veggie-Heavy Stress Reduction Regimen Shown to Modify Cell Aging

      By Dr. Mercola The last time you went to your physician, did he or she ask you about your diet, your exercise habits or your methods of stress reduction? These should be a key point of discussion, as research continues to pour in about their importance to human health, disease...
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      Leafy, Dark and Green

      by Laura Freundlich, M.A. Tips for cooking with kale, swiss chard, spinach, collards, and other greens. You’ve heard the term, maybe you’ve even danced around them, but what exactly are dark leafy greens? And why are they touted by so many nutritionists? Dark leafy greens are varied in texture, size...
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      6 Spiritual Keys to Longevity

      In Eastern philosophical systems like Buddhism, Taoism, and the Vedic traditions of India, longevity is viewed as a meaningful goal in a spiritual life. by Frances Lefkowitz Photo credit:  courtesy of Shutterstock We’ve earned our reputation as a society obsessed with youth. We battle against losing our looks and capabilities–and...
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      Spring Clean Your Body

      by Jennifer Barrett Photo credit:  Glen Wexler It’s a familiar urge. Come spring, you can’t help but throw open the windows and scour every inch of your house to get a fresh start on the new season. So why not take it further? After all, you’ve spent the winter in...
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      Feeling Anxious?

      by Ben Kallen Photo credit:  Ivar Teunissen Catherine Garcia has suffered from anxiety issues for most of her life. “Growing up, I just tried to push the thoughts away,” says the 32-year-old corporate controller for an international software company near Boston. “Then, about five years ago, my job became very...
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      9 Easy At Home Detox Tips

      Detoxing does not always need to be a complicated program. It is something you can do everyday with some simple and easy everyday choices. 1. Brush skin daily. Removes debris and stimulates lymph flow 2. Take a Detox bath using seaweed based salts 3. Sweat toxins out with a sauna...