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    1. orin

      Aged Garlic and Other Natural Strategies Reduce Hypertension

      Researchers from Australia’s University of Adelaide have confirmed that garlic is effective for reducing blood pressure. We can now add garlic to the list of several natural strategies to reduce hypertension. The researchers conducted a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial with 79 patients who had been diagnosed with uncontrolled systolic hypertension....
    2. nm

      America's Workers: Stressed Out, Overwhelmed, Totally Exhausted

      By Dr. Mercola The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that stress costs American businesses $300 billion a year; and a Workplace Survey done by the American Psychological Association reported that many Americans suffer from chronic work-related stress.1 The effects of our increasingly 24/7 work environments have gotten so bad that...
    3. nm

      Products I Loved From The Natural Products Expo West 2014

      • Silver Hills Sprouted Organic Ancient Grains- These breads are not only incredibly healthful, but SO delicious! The owners of this company see sprouting as the key to unlocking the whole grain nutrition found inside the shell. When a grain is sprouted and begins to grow, stored nutrients become readily...
    4. orin

      NPR (and Other Major Media) Spreads Serious Falsehoods About HPV Vaccine

      In February, NPR’s All Things Considered aired a segment lamenting the low vaccination rates for the human papillomavirus (HPV) in American children. Apparently doing no independent journalistic research on the subject, both the segment and its companion article simply parroted a recent CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) report....
    5. nm

      Healthy Eating at the Airport

      Photo credit:  courtesy of Shutterstock Blurb:  Yes, it’s often possible to eat well while waiting for your flight. Images:  Finding healthy food at the airport has always been a challenge, but U.S. airports are beginning to rise to the challenge. “We are offering more organic options solely because of consumer...
    6. orin

      World Bank Destroys Traditional Farming to Support GMO Corporate Land Theft

      Smallholder farmers and herders are currently feeding 80 percent of the developing world. Casting them aside in favor of industrial farming corporations from the West betrays the World Bank’s reckless and short term approach to development. The World Bank is facilitating land grabs and sowing poverty by putting the interests...
    7. nm

      Spring Cleaning, the Non-Toxic Way

      By Dr. Mercola Spring is right around the corner, and as the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time for the age old ritual of spring cleaning your home. The featured video also gives several pointers for “dusting off” your health and fitness routines, to demarcate a fresh start. In...
    8. nm

      How can I keep cold sores away?

      Photo credit:  courtesy of Shutterstock Blurb:  Natural antivirals can help ward off cold sores. Images:  A naturopath says:  I often give my patients a topical application made with the herb lemon balm; it contains various healing components that work synergistically to help blisters heal 50 percent more quickly. Garlic is...
    9. nm

      Why You Should Never Refrigerate Tomatoes

      By Dr. Mercola There’s not much in the produce world that can compare to the flavor of a fresh-picked tomato. But this flavor – that to some portrays the very essence of summer – is extremely vulnerable. If you purchased your tomatoes at a grocery store, they probably weren’t ripe...
    10. orin

      Medical Cannabis: The REAL Reason the Government Wants to Keep it Banned

      “Cannabis” refers to the plant that is commonly called “marijuana.” The two terms are often used interchangeably. However, “cannabis” is the historical name that has been used in the medical literature. While public sentiments towards marijuana have recently changed to the point where two states have now voted to make...
    11. nm

      9 Ways to De-Stress

      Photo credit:  courtesy of Shutterstock Blurb:  Stress, good and bad, is part of life. Here’s how to control the worst of it so that good stress can work for us when we need it. Images:  Zen is not my middle name. I apply obligation and pressure the way other people...
    12. nm

      25 Ways to Rev Up Your Walking Workout

      Photo credit:  David Martinez Blurb:  Blast more calories, burn more fat and maximize your happy factor every time you put on your walking shoes. Images:  (1)Check in before you head out Take a moment to tune in to your body and mind before you take a step. “It’s important to...