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    1. nm

      9 Ways to De-Stress

      Photo credit:  courtesy of Shutterstock Blurb:  Stress, good and bad, is part of life. Here’s how to control the worst of it so that good stress can work for us when we need it. Images:  Zen is not my middle name. I apply obligation and pressure the way other people...
    2. orin

      New Tactic in Stopping GMOs: Sue the GMO Farmer instead of Monsanto

      Ever since the introduction of genetically modified crops into the food chain, the tussle has been largely between farmers and Monsanto , which says since 1997 it has filed 145 lawsuits against farmers who’ve improperly reused its patented seeds, or on average about one lawsuit every three weeks for 16...
    3. nm

      Eat to Cleanse Your Body

      Photo credit:  courtesy of Shutterstock Blurb:  Surviving on juice isn’t the best way to give your system a boost. Hit your system’s reset button healthfully with this plan. Images:  These days, you can’t swing an organic celery stalk without hitting someone on a juice cleanse. Touted as a natural way...
    4. nm

      Nutrition Advocacy Group Makes Headway in Protecting Your Freedom of Choice

      By Dr. Mercola When it comes to nutrition, it is very important that you have the right to freedom of choice and information. Unfortunately, organizations such as the American Dietetic Association (now calling itself the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics or AND) are threatening your freedom of choice about health...
    5. orin

      Mentally Challenged Teen Killed by Police in Front of Parents

      “My word that I want to get out to every family who has a mentally ill patient: do NOT call the police department for help, because your son will probably get shot and killed, just like mine did.” These are the words of the mother of 18 year old Keith...
    6. orin

      Seven out of every 10 Physicians in California are Rebelling against Obamacare

      An estimated seven out of every 10 physicians in deep-blue California are rebelling against the state’s Obamacare health insurance exchange and won’t participate, the head of the state’s largest medical association said. Independent insurance brokers who work with both insurance companies and doctor networks estimate that about 70 percent of...
    7. nm

      6 Things To Do Instead of Smoking

      By Dr. Mercola If you’re a current smoker, the research suggests that no matter what your age, quitting can be extremely beneficial. For instance, if you quit smoking before the age of 40, more than 90 percent of the excess mortality caused by continuing smoking may be avoided.1 If you...