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      Mercola.com Celebrates Its 18-Year Anniversary

      By Dr. Mercola Mercola.com now celebrates its 18th anniversary… We’ve surely come a long way since 1997 when I decided to launch a small website to share the latest developments in natural health with the world beyond the confines of my medical practice!    Thanks to you, this site has...
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      Mercola.com 18th Anniversary

      It’s now been 18 years since we started this journey together, when, in 1997, I combined my two primary passions in life – health and technology – and made it my mission to share exciting new developments in natural health with you. Thanks to you, this site has become the...
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      Mercury-Free Dentists — Pioneers and Catalysts for 21st Century Health Care

      By Dr. Mercola We finish up this, our fifth, Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, with a documentary by Elizabeth Hong and Daniel Montoya. “Mercury Undercover” exposes the very real dangers of mercury toxicity, and its connection to amalgam fillings. Amalgam, also called “silver fillings,” is in fact a massive consumer fraud. By...
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      12 Ways to Make Your Food Last Longer

      By Dr. Mercola Each year, American households throw away $640 worth of food apiece, typically because they buy too much or fail to eat the leftovers.1 The survey, conducted by the American Chemistry Council (ACC), revealed that three-quarters of Americans throw away food once a month while half do so...
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      13 Weird Risk Factors for Kidney Stones

      By Dr. Mercola About 13 percent of US men and 7 percent of women will get kidney stones at some point during their lifetime.1 If you’ve had one, it’s an experience you probably don’t want to repeat. The pain associated with kidney stones can be excruciating and in some cases...
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      10 Signs You Need a Vacation

      By Dr. Mercola Americans are taking fewer vacation days than they did 15 years ago, often not taking all of their earned vacation days, according to a survey by the US Travel Association.1 But the decision to put work over family and friends can lead to burnt bridges among personal...
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      10 Superfoods for Digestive Health

      By Dr. Mercola The digestive process seems simple on the surface. You put a food in your mouth, chew it up, and swallow. Then your body breaks down your food into components your body can utilize and absorb. Whatever’s left gets excreted as waste. In reality, however, digestion is a...
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      10 Sources of Endocrine Disruptors and How to Avoid Them

      By Dr. Mercola Endocrine disruptors are chemicals known to interfere with development and reproduction, and they may cause serious neurological and immune system effects. The disruptions occur because such chemicals mimic hormones in your body, including the female sex hormone estrogen, the male sex hormone androgen, and thyroid hormones. Endocrine-disrupting...
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      13 Health Foods That Taste Better Than Junk Foods

      By Dr. Mercola There’s a common misconception that in order to eat healthy you have to sacrifice flavor. But anyone who’s bit into a homegrown tomato or fresh peach knows this isn’t the case. Most junk foods can only dream of mimicking the flavors found in naturally grown foods. That’s...
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      Average US Woman Now Weighs as Much as 1960s Man

      By Dr. Mercola New data published in JAMA Internal Medicine paints a dire picture of health in the US based on the increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity.1 In 2007, a research team at Johns Hopkins University predicted that if current trends in weight gain continued, 75 percent of US...
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      Will New 2015 Dietary Guidelines Reverse Four Decades of Foolish Fat Phobia?

      By Dr. Mercola Every five years, the US Departments of Agriculture (USDA) and Health and Human Services (HHS) convene a 15-member panel to update the nation’s dietary guidelines. The panel’s mission is to identify foods and beverages that help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, promote health, and prevent...
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      Researcher Reveals Monsanto Has Known Since 1981 That Glyphosate Promotes Cancer

      By Dr. Mercola Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup, is one of the most commonly used herbicides in the world. An estimated one billion pounds a year is sprayed on our food crops,1,2 resulting in the average American eating several hundred pounds of glyphosate-contaminated food every year....
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      10 Surprising Ways You Are Making Your Vegetables Less Nutritious

      By Dr. Mercola Modern-day diets are often lacking in nutrition, in large part because food choices are not optimal. About 90 percent of the money Americans spend on food is for processed foods, which may be fortified with nutrients out of necessity but lack the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants...